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Callaloo 25.1 (2002) 205

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Endlessly Mendlessly Seeking All Whole Nest

Daniel Carter

fleeting plays don't bother me everything git t' me now it cumin' endlessly now it comin' mendlessly yo' life ain't gonna never be the same hooked up now in order t' git unhooked it's further stuff t' git hooked up into it don't never stop my Lord so much involvement got t' git away got t' git back into it got t' git stuck got t' git unstuck when will it ever end when will it ever mend when will I not care? when will I care? when will I get out the middle? when will I git out the crossfire? fleeting pages play in the wind playin' wit dim don't bother me everything git t' me now it cumin' endlessly now it comin' mendlessly seeking all whole nest plain t' sea trademark becoming unavailable becoming un(o) veil label becoming more available becoming more real becoming less real less practical more practical slow computer slow-going type psychology feeling temperament life presses the blues glory sadness gladness don't stop gotta go ain't even got here yet the way it be me somebody one some some one many within compliments split complements add up 'n' nothin' adds up it all adds up into the unsummable recoiled from the way I was goin' recoil from this too much of a kick the way I like t' go look like dis be it oh yeah ain't no it they is they ain't'n' so forth on up down the rowed versed off in the middle o' life couldn't vine be-kinnin' middle nor inned gnaw ain't no restin' plice every wear be wearin' out d' rest got jittery


Daniel Carter is both a writer and musician/composer. His publications include work in The Tinker: Innovative Arts and Literature Magazine (2001), 50 Miles of Elbow Room, Number One (2000), Dyed-in-the-Wool (2000), Intervalsss: The Poems and Words of Musicians (2000), Sex Sells Magazines (1997), and Wandering Archive One (1998). He has had a long and prolific performing and recording career, both as a soloist and as a member of numerous musical groups. He is currently working on a large-scale orchestral piece.



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