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Callaloo 25.1 (2002) 197-198

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The Poet in Post-Endurance

Will Alexander

Evolved from the smoke of a swirling helium tree
you roam through post-endurance
through a stunning proto-absence
with your darkened renegade's code
scaling unfixed memoranda
a memoranda which spins
inside your blackened psychic hive
black at its core with levitational scorching
you being Kaufman & anti-Bob Kaufman
reversing nebulae & comets
with a blazing distillation
creating endurance which lives
throughout placeless macro-sums
so that the integers burn
& become nameless
& then live again in ironic anodyne rebellion
with your murmur which ignites Myrmidons
who are specters
who dwell
as iotas in concealment
as iotas in dysgenic emblems
you rise above them with "Seven ice white suns"
Melanesian & cloudy with rays
I am speaking of what I seem to sense of your after-existence
of your grainy laryngeal yields
your voice then being a mirror
flashing in a cloak of translucent sonar [End Page 197]
so if I speak of bells
of the different variety of rainbows
it is akin to sudden moral aphasia
like darting fire through quixotic terrain
& this terrain
shadowed by light
cast by iniquitous lanterns
so if I fail to speak
of the specific germs of the earth
it is because you have left gravity
& betrayed the act of gravid posture or trade
& by trade
I mean the moneron of the weapon makers
or the poet who dwells in academic errata
I glimpse your galactic remains
on a broken lotus isle
with vitric marmosets
with astral sea iguanas
under tripled lunar fragments
both greenish & black in demeanor
as you wander with the ingenuity of crystal
& the sky you witness a turbulent anti-mathematic
rife with non-calendrical remainders
so that you waft
you no longer commingle with pestilence
with the lingering ammonia of jails
or the glare from hunchbacked boulevard parades
you now exist
as amazing imaginal witness
as curious radium typhoon
like a brightened misnomer
across the arch of your ferocious lingual fingers


Will Alexander is a poet whose recent and forthcoming work appears in Aufgabe, Five Fingers Review, Tripwire, Hunger, Hambone, Urvox, Fence, and Teachers & Writers Collaborative, as well as in Alien Weaving Anovella From Green Integer, and The Sri Lankan Loxodrome, A Book of Poems From Canopic Press.



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