Factors that contribute to men's genital self-image are not well known, despite the documented psychological importance of body image more broadly. The current study used a simultaneous multiple regression to examine the relationship(s) between genital self-image, body image, pornography use, circumcision status, age, and social appearance anxiety among men from different geographic locations, and of differing sexual orientations (N = 674). Participants were recruited from Canada (n = 285), the United States (n = 214), and Western Europe (n = 121) through online recruitment methods. A total of 372 gay men/other men who have sex with men (MSM) and 302 heterosexual men were included in the present analyses. Men's genital self-image was significantly predicted by self-perceived body image and social appearance anxiety. Further univariate and multivariate analyses discussed include age, sexual orientation, country of origin, solo porn use, and circumcision status. Implications of the continued importance of parsing the differences between genital self-image and related variables for understanding sexual functioning and overall self-esteem are discussed.