Violence against women and girls has been acknowledged as a violation of basic human rights and a form of discrimination against women, reflecting the prevalent imbalance of power between women and men. This is because violence against women and girls is a universal phenomenon that is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality. Hence, many legal and policy frameworks have identified violence against women as one of the critical areas of concern that requires women’s agency. This paper analyzes the use of women’s agency to curb violence against women and girls in Kenya using the case study of the Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW). It specifically examines the problem of violence against women and girls and how women, through organizations such as COVAW, are using their agency to prevent and address that violence. The case study of COVAW is used to provide in-depth analysis of how this women’s organization represents women’s agency in addressing violence against women and girls in Kenyan society. It also illustrates that women have the capacity and ability to combat violence in their society.


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