In this essay, I draw upon research, writing, and teaching experiences using Omeka—a content management system (CMS) and digital archive and collection platform—to engage in the emerging conversation of how to do sport history in the digital age. Developing my own Omeka site, ¡Animales!, has been an illuminating process. It forced me to consider the modularity of CMS, how open-access/open-source tools afford new possibilities to sport scholars, the ethical issues of doing scholarship online, and ways we can reimagine the sport-history classroom. Therefore, this essay is both an introduction to and an assessment of Omeka as a viable research and teaching tool. It addresses the interactive and multimedia nature of Web 2.0 and the viability of a more sensorial exploration of sports. More than a call to action, this article situates open-access tools like Omeka within the “digital turn” in the humanities and their implication for scholarship.


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