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More generally, Palmer might be faulted for devoting too much space to wellknown events in England while failing to delve deeply into the character and activities of Irish leaders. There is surprisingly little on Dublin or on the English plantations . The availability of sources probably helped dictate this emphasis. The best way to approach Tudor Ireland now is probably to read the books by Palmer and Ellis together, as they deal with similar issues from complementary points of view. NOTES AND QUERIES Subscribers, readers, and the whole community of Irish Studies scholars in North America and elsewhere will be interested to learn that in September , 1995, the administrative offices of the Irish American Cultural Institute have now been unified with the executive office in New Jersey. Aside from the board of directors, the IACI will now be administered by a new staff. Consequently, correspondence relating to subscriptions, memberships , and submissions to ÉIRE-IRELAND should now be addressed to: The Irish American Cultural Institute 1 Lackawanna Place Morristown, New Jersey 07950 Likewise, the IACI now has new telephone numbers: (201) 605-1991; fax (201) 605-8875. No e-mail address has yet been registered. Queries as to the status of submissions awaiting adjudication or as to the schedule of publication for contributions already accepted should be addressed to the New Jersey office. BOOK REVIEWS 192 ...


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