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  • The Editor’s Report
  • Gregory N. Carlson

[The following is a slightly modified and updated version of the report made verbally to the LSA membership at the annual meeting in Austin, Texas, on January 6, 2017, by Editor Greg Carlson.]


In early 2016, associate editors Karlos Arregi, Claire Bowern, William Davies, and Karen Emmorey concluded their outstanding service to the journal. Further, Megan Crowhurst took on the role of senior associate editor for the journal, departing from the ranks of the ‘regular’ associate editors. Ian Roberts departed from the online-only section Historical Syntax. We were joined by new associate editors John Beavers, Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Matthew Gordon (formerly associate editor for the online-only Phonological Analysis), Russell Gray, Diane Lillo-Martin, and Linda Wheeldon.

In the latter part of 2016 two major events occurred. First, a new editor for the journal, Andries Coetzee of the University of Michigan, was nominated and then elected in the fall to begin his term in January 2017. Second, we initiated the first ‘Continuous publishing’ article (‘publication in advance of print’) in December, a major step toward pure electronic publication that has been in the works for several years with Project MUSE and Sheridan Press.

Working with the OJS submission and review system has smoothed out some with practice, thanks much to the associate editors and especially to Megan Crowhurst, who has put enormous effort and leadership into seeing the system’s systematic use. LSA Executive Director Alyson Reed is to be heartily thanked, along with James MacDonald, for their support above and beyond the usual in facilitating the development of OJS. There are nevertheless some shortcomings in the system’s reporting capabilities that limit its ability to allow complete extraction of relevant information.

Language by the numbers

Volume 92 of Language consisted of 1,025 print pages also accessible electronically, plus 325 pages of online-only content. The print edition features 25 research articles, 33 book reviews, 1 review article, and 1 short report. Online-only content consists of 9 research articles (2 Historical Syntax, 4 Phonological Analysis, 1 Language and Public Policy, 2 Teaching Linguistics), 2 research reports, 1 discussion, and 1 textbook review.

The journal is by all appearances very healthy. We receive a great many high-quality submissions, and have little difficulty locating distinguished associate editors who serve with great distinction. At present we have a significant backlog of research articles, something under a year’s worth, and consequently have declined a number of borderline but very promising papers on which we might otherwise have requested revisions.

Papers submitted and acted on in 2016

The following numbers summarize editorial activity in 2016, as recorded by OJS.

  • • New submissions: 183

  • • Papers rejected: 71

  • • Papers resubmitted for review: 20

  • • Papers in revision (‘minor revisions’): 9 [End Page 492]

  • • Papers accepted: 28

  • • Average decision time between first submission and final acceptance or rejection: 145 days (This includes a good number of papers, nearly all that are accepted and some that are rejected, that are revised and resubmitted, on occasion more than once.)

Special thanks

And once again I wish to especially recognize Hope Dawson’s continuing, essential contributions in keeping the journal on time and of absolutely top-quality form. Thanks as well to journal assistant Erica Dayton for her support and efforts, to Alyson Reed, David Robinson, and Rita Lewis in the ‘front office’, and to James MacDonald for all the on-demand technical support.

The editors wish to thank the following 261 individuals who generously agreed to contribute their time and effort to the essential task of refereeing submissions (* indicates that the individual was responsible for more than one report).

  • Víctor Acedo-Matellán

  • Peter Ackema

  • Alexander Adelaar

  • David Adger

  • Judith Aissen

  • John Alderete

  • Edith Aldridge

  • Artemis Alexiadou*

  • Lieselotte Anderwald

  • Athulya Aravind

  • John Ole Askedal

  • Sergio Baauw

  • Eric Bakovic*

  • Chris Barker

  • Andy Barss

  • Tom Bartlett*

  • Misha Becker

  • Patrice Beddor

  • Andrea Beltrama

  • Ryan Bennett

  • Wm. G. Bennett

  • Rajesh Bhatt

  • Lee Bickmore*

  • Steven Bird

  • Walter Bisang

  • Andy Black

  • Robert Blust

  • Jonathan Bobaljik

  • M. Ryan Bochnak

  • Remco Bouckaert

  • Kasper Boye

  • Diane Brentari

  • Marc Brysbaert

  • Daniel Büring

  • Heather Burnett

  • Carly Butler

  • Miriam Butt

  • Esteban Buz

  • Richard Cameron

  • Eric Campbell...


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