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Index to Volume 17 (1983) Am, Mary-Jo A Little-Known Fragment of a Dutch Abraham-and-Sarah Play . . . . iv 318 Bourgeault, Cynthia Liturgical Dramaturgy . . . . ii 124 Cooper, Barbara T. Canvas Walls and Cardboard Fortresses: Representatives of Place in the National Historical Dramas of Early Nineteenth-Century France iv 327 Jones, Joseph R. The Song of Songs as a Drama in the Commentators from Origen to the Twentieth Century . . . . i 17 Kastan, David Scott “To Set a Form upon that Indigest”: Shakespeare’s Fictions of History i 1 Kister, Daniel A. Korean Shamanist Theater and Drama . ii 153 Kliman, Bernice W. A Palimpset for Olivier’s Hamlet iii 243 Konstan, David A Dramatic History of Misanthropes ii 97 Limon, Henryk, & Limon, Jerzy An Interpretation of De Witt’s Drawing on the Methodological Ground of Perspective Restitution . . . . iii 233 Norland, Howard B. Formalizing French Farce: Johan Johan and Its French Connection ii 141 Rouse, John Shakespeare and Brecht: The Perils and Pleasures of Inheritance iii 266 Sheaffer, Louis Correcting Some Errors in Annals of O’N e ill....................................... iii 201 Skey, Miriam Anne The Iconography of Herod in the Fleury Playbook and the Visual Arts i 55 Takvorian, R. & Spingler, Michael Sounding Ionesco: Problems in Translating La Legon and Jacques ou La Soumission . . . . i 40 399 400 Comparative Drama Van Laan, Thomas F. The Ending of A Doll House and Augier’s Maître Guérin . iv 297 Wentersdorf, Karl P. Animal Symbolism in Shakespeare’s Hamlet'. The Imagery of Sex Nausea . iv 348 Wright, Stephen K. The Durham Play of Mary and the Poor Knight: Sources and Analogues of a Lost English Miracle Play . iii 254 REVIEWS SPRING: Modem Drama in Theory and Practice, by J. L. Styan (Peter W. Ferran); Records of Plays and Players in Norfolk and Suffolk, ed. David Galloway and John Wasson (Alan H. Nelson); When the Theatre Turns to Itself: The Aesthetic Metaphor in Shakespeare, by Sidney Homan (William M. Jones); The Censorship of English Drama 1824-1901, by John Russell Stephens, and Lost Angels of a Ruined Paradise, by Erika Gottlieb (Carl Woodring); A t Play with Krishna: Pilgrimage Dramas from Brindavan, by John Stratton Hawley, and Javanese Wayang Kulit, by Edward Van Ness (Farley Richmond); Henry Irving, Shakespearean, by Alan Hughes (Margaret Rubin); Shakespeare and the Dance, by Alan Brissenden (Elise Bickford Jorgens). SUMMER: ‘Ibsen the Romantic’: Analogues of Paradise in the Later Plays, by Errol Durbach (Brian Johnston); Shakespeare Survey 34: Characterization in Shake­ speare, ed Stanley W. Wells (Michael Manheim); Renaissance Drama XII, ed Alan Dessen (Marie Axton); The Calms of Capricorn: A Preliminary Edition, by Eugene O’Neill, ed. Donald Gallup; Work Diary 1924-1943, by Eugene O’Neill, ed. Donald Gallup; Eugene O’Neill at Work: Newly Released Ideas for Plays, ed. Virginia Floyd (Michael Hinden). FALL: Moliere: A Playwright and his Audience, by W. D. Howarth (Peter V. Conroy, Jr.); Bertolt Brecht: Political Theory and Literary Practice, ed. Betty Nance Weber and Hubert Heinen (James K. Lyon); Roger Planchon. Director and Play­ wright, by Yvette Daoust (Felicia H. Londre); “The Theatre We Worked For”: The Letters of Eugene O’Neill to Kenneth Macgowan, ed. Jackson R. Bryer (Michael Manheim); French Tragedy: The Power of Enactment, by Albert Cook (Jacqueline Van Baelen). WINTER: The Poetics of Jacobean Drama, by Coburn Freer (Michael Shapiro); Max Reinhardt, by J. L. Styan (Cary M. Mazer); Two Plays, ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ and ‘Comedy: A Tragedy in One Act,’ by Nikos Kazantzakis (M. Byron Raizis); Dramatic Design in the Chester Cycle, by Peter W. Travis (Theresa Coletti); Eugene Labiche and Georges Feydeau, by Leonard Pronko (Oscar G. Brackett); Drama and Symbolism (Themes in Drama, 4), ed. James Redmond (James Coakley). ...


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