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Index to Volume 16 (1982) Baird, Lorrayne Y. “Cockes face” and the Problem of poydrace in the Chester Passion iii 227 Boone, Blair W. The Skill of Cain in the English Mystery C y c l e s ...................................... ii 112 Brater, Enoch Play Strindberg and the Theater of A d a p t a t io n ...................................... i 12 Brockett, Clyde W. Modal and Motivic Coherence in the Music of the Fleury Play Book . iv 345 Bryant, J. A., Jr. Julius Caesar from a Euripidean Perspective . ii 97 Campbell, Thomas P. The Two Cities in the Fleury Playbook . ii 148 Cascardi, Anthony J. Comedia and Trauerspiel: On Benjamin and Calderon i 1 Champion, Larry S. Westward-Northward: Structural Development in Dekker’s Ho Plays . iii 251 Dundas, Judith “Those Beautiful Characters of Sense”: Classical Deities and the Court Masque . ii 166 Gillespie, John K. Interior Action: The Impact of Noh on Jean-Louis Barrault iv 325 Goldberg, Sander M. Terence and the Death of Comedy . iv 312 Hinden, Michael When Playwrights Talk to God: Peter Shaffer and the Legacy of O’Neill . i 49 Jones, Joseph R. Isidore and the Theater . i 26 Levin, Harry From Play to Plays: The Folklore of C o m e d y .............................................. ii 130 Loftis, John Lope de Vega’s and Webster’s Amalfi P la y s .............................................. i 64 Lyons, Charles R. Perceiving Rockaby—As a Text, As a Text by Samuel Beckett, As a Text for Performance iv 297 391 392 Comparative Drama Manheim, Michael O’Neill’s Transcendence of Melodrama in A Touch of the Poet and A Moon for the Misbegotten . . . iii 238 Pentzell, Raymond J. Actor, Maschera, and Role: An Approach to Irony in Performance . . iii 201 REVIEWS SPRING: Shakespeare’s Revision of “King Lear," by Steven Urkowitz (John Velz); The Theatrical Compositions of the Major English Romantic Poets, by Joan Baum (John Ehrstine); Tennessee Williams, by Felicia Londre (Ina Rae Hark); Early English Stages, 1300 to 1660: Voi. Ill: Plays and Their Makers to 1576, by Glynne Wickham (Clifford Davidson); Plays about the Theatre in England, 17371800 , by Dane Smith and M. L. Lawhon (Robert D. Hume); The Victorian Theatre 1792-1914: A Survey, by George Rowell (Carl Woodring); John Marston's Drama: Themes, Images, Sources, by George Geckle (Robert Jones); Shakespeare, Jonson, Moliere: The Comic Contract, by Nicholas Grene (Oscar Brockett). SUMMER: Realms of the Self: Variations on a Theme in Modern Drama, by Arthur Ganz (Enoch Brater); Symbolic Action in the Plays of the Wakefield Master, by Jeffery Helterman (Barbara Palmer); A Middle English Treatise on the Playing of Miracles, ed. Clifford Davidson (Theresa Coletti); The Shakespeare Play as Poem: A Critical Tradition in Perspective, by S. Viswanathan (J. A. Bryant, Jr.); Chekhov: The Critical Heritage, ed. Victor Emeljanov (James Curtis); Two Tudor Interludes, ed. Ian Lancashire; John Skelton, Magnificence, ed. Paula Neuss (John S. Colley); Pirandello: An Approach to His Theatre, by Olga Ragusa (Anne Paolucci); Bertolt Brecht in America, by James Lyon (Oscar Brockett); A Complete Concordance to The Chester Mystery Plays and A KW1C Concordance to the Plays of the Wakefield Master, by Michael Preston and Jean Pfleiderer (Clifford Davidson). FALL: Patterns in Ibsen’s Middle Plays, by Richard Hornby (Brian Johnston); The London Theatre World, 1660-1800, ed. Robert D. Hume (G. L. Anderson); Shakespeare: Contemporary Critical Approaches, ed. Harry Garvin and Michael Payne, and Shakespeare’s Development and the Problem Comedies: Turn and Counter-Turn, by Richard Wheeler (Cecile Cary); New Zealand Drama, by Howard McNaughton (David Carnegie); The Small Theatre Handbook: A Guide to Manage­ ment and Production, by Joann Green (Thomas Small); A Shakespeare Workbook, Volume I: Tragedies and Volume II: Comedies, by Bertram Joseph (Walter J. Meserve); Aristophanes: Essays in Interpretation, ed. Jeffrey Henderson (Roger Hornsby); The History of the Greek and Roman Theater, by Margarete Bieber (Wil­ liam Rodner); Shakespeare and the Problem of Meaning, by Norman Rabkin (Michael Mooney); Peer Gynt, by Henrik Ibsen, trans. Rolf Fjelde (Marie Wells). WINTER: The Privileged Playgoers of Shakespeare’s London, by Ann Cook (Alan Dessen); Drama, Dance and Music, ed. James Redmond (John L. Styan); The Strands Entwined: A New Direction in American Drama, by Samuel Bernstein (Ina Hark...


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