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Index to Volume 15 (1981) Ashley, Kathleen M. The Fleury Raising of Lazarus and Twelfth-Century Currents of Thought . ii 139 Barnes, Celia Matthew Parker’s Pastoral Training and Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus . . ili 258 Carroll, William C. “We were born to die”: Romeo and J u lie t............................... . i 54 Gianakaris, C. J A Playwright Looks at Mozart: Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus . i 37 Gibson, James M. Quern queritis in presepe: Christmas Drama or Christmas Liturgy? . . iv 343 Gruber, William E. “Wheels within wheels, etcetera”: Artistic Design in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead . iv 291 Guilfoyle, Cherrell King Hamlet’s Two Successors . . ii 120 Hughes, Derek Play and Passion in The Man of Mode . iii 231 Klawitter, George Dramatic Elements in Early Monastic Induction Ceremonies . iii 213 Moleski, Joseph J. Eugene O’Neill and the Cruelty of Theater . . . . . iv 327 Pettitt, Thomas English Folk Drama in the Eighteenth Century: A Defense of the Revesby Sword Play . . . . . i 3 Postlewait, Thomas Pinter’s The Homecoming: Displacing and Repeating Ibsen . iii 195 Stevens, Martin Did the Wakefield Master Write a Nine-Line Stanza? . . ii 99 Strongin, Carol Irony and Theatricality in Chekhov’s The Sea G u l l ....................................... 366 Stroup, Thomas B. “I See a Voice” ............................... . i 30 391 392 Comparative Drama Szönyi, György E. European Influences and National Tradition in Medieval Hungarian Theater . . . ii 159 Velz, John W. From Jerusalem to Damascus: Bilocal Dramaturgy in Medieval and Shakespearean Conversion Plays . . iv 311 REVIEWS SPRING: To the Third Empire: Ibsen’s Early Drama, by Brian Johnston (Thomas F. van Laan); W. B. Yeats: The Writing of The Player Queen, ed. Curtis Baker Bradford (Virginia Bartholome Rohan); Music in the English Mystery Plays, by JoAnna Dutka (Beverly Boyd); Flamboyant Drama: A Study of the Castle of Perserverance, Mankind, and Wisdom, by Michael R. Kelley (David Staines); Ibsen’s Drama: Author to Audience, by Einar Haugen (Samuel G. McLellan); Parisitaster or The Fawn, by John Marston, ed. David Blostein, The Shoemaker’s Holiday, by Thomas Dekker, ed. R. L. Smallwood and Stanley Wells, and Eastward Ho, by George Chapman, Ben Jonson, and John Marston, ed. R. W. van Fossen (Christopher Spencer); Twentieth Century Russian Drama, by Harold B. Segel, and The Theater of Nikolay Gogol, ed. Milton Ehre (E. J. Czerwinski); A Marxist Study of Shake­ speare’s Comedies, by Elliott Krieger (W. L. Godshalk); Sean O’Casey, by James R. Scrimgeour, and Jean Giraudoux, by John H. Reilly (Marilyn Gaddis Rose); Goethe’s Plays, trans. Charles E. Passage (Liselotte Dieckmann). SUMMER: The Social and Religious Plays of Strindberg, by John Ward (Michael Kaufman); Three Rastell Plays: Four Elements, Calisto and Melebea, Gentleness and Nobility, ed. Richard Axton, and The Plays of Henry Medwall, ed. Alan H. Nelson (David Bevington); Hammer or Anvil: Psychological Patterns in Christopher Marlowe, by Constance Brown Kuriyama (Thomas B. Stroup); Edward Albee: An Annotated Bibliography 1968-1977, by Charles Lee Green (Thomas P. Adler); The Absolute Comic, by Edith Kern (Morton Gurewich); New American Drama: Three Plays, by Hanay Geiogamah (Norman C. Greenberg); Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon: A Catalogue-Index to Productions of the Shakespeare Me­ morial/Royal Shakespeare Theatre, 1879-1978, by Michael Mullin and Karen Morris Muriello (J. L. Styan). FALL: The Collected Screenplays of Bernard Shaw, ed. Bernard F. Dukore (Arthur Ganz); “Othello” as Tragedy: Some Problems of Judgment and Feeling, by Jane Adamson (J. A. Bryant, Jr.,); Ibsen and the Theatre, ed. Errol Durbach (Otto Reinert); Allardyce Nicoll, The Garrick Stage: Theatres and Audience in the Eighteenth Century, ed. Sybil Rosenfeld (Judith Milhous); Perspective in Shake­ speare’s English Histories, by Larry S. Champion (William M. Jones); The Making of Menander’s Comedy, by Sander M. Goldberg (Peter Arnott); The Woman's Part: Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare, ed. Carolyn Lenz, Gayle Greene, and Carol Neely (Cecile Williamson Cary); Money and Politics in Ibsen, Shaw, and Brecht, by Bernard F. Dukore (James Coakley); Shakespeare’s “More Than Words Can Witness": Essays on Visual and Nonverbal Enactment in the Plays, ed. Sidney Homan (David M. Bergeron); Renaissance Drama n.s. 10, ed. Leonard Barkan (Rolf Soellner). WINTER: The Antitheatrical Prejudice, by Jonas Barish (Nicholas Davis); The Chester Mystery Cycle: A Reduced Facsimile...


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