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Two Important New Drama Projects EARLY DRAMA, ART, AND MUSIC Sponsored by the Medieval Institute of Western Michigan University, EARLY DRAMA, ART, AND MUSIC is a project focusing on interdis­ ciplinary study of drama of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Primarily the project will stress relationships between the visual arts and the drama, though plans also include attention to musical iconography and study of musical records as these are relevant to drama and theater. The core of the project will be two series of monographs, one of which will be entirely devoted to reference works (bibliographies and subject lists of regional art from centers of dramatic activity). The second series will present scholarly and critical works of importance. Procedures for the preparation and use of the bibliographies and subject lists will be set forth by the executive editor, Clifford Davidson, in May 1977 in a guide entitled Drama and Art. The reference series will be inaugurated by a volume devoted to York which will establish the format for all subsequent volumes containing bibliographies and lists of art, both extant and lost. In addition, jthe project will involve extension in two directions. First, computer pro­ gramming will be used to record and control information about English and continental examples of art relevant to drama. Second, facilities for the collecting, cataloguing, and storage of photographs and slides are contemplated as soon as funding is achieved. Eventually, the project will bring together resource material at a location convenient for the establish­ ment of an international center for study in this area. RECORDS OF EARLY ENGLISH DRAMA RECORDS OF EARLY ENGLISH DRAMA has been awarded a major five-year editorial and research grant by the Canada Council. REED exists to locate, transcribe, and publish systematically the surviving un­ edited (or inadequately edited) performance records of dramatic, cere­ monial, minstrel, and related entertainment activities throughout Britain before 1642. REED’s international Editorial Advisory Board and editors include scholars from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and the United States, and the project is linked with both the Early English Text Society and the Malone Society. Sponsored formally by the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, REED, Will publish, through the Univer­ sity of Toronto Press, some thirty volumes of records, conference proceed­ ings, and indexes. The first three volumes will be the records of York (edited by A. F. Johnston and M. Rogerson), Chester (edited by L. Clopper), and Coventry (edited by R. Ingram). The major organ of communication is the REED Newsletter, published semi-annually. For further information, contact' Professor Alexandra F. Johnston, Records of Early English Drama, 85 Charles Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S/1K5. 188 ...


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