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Contributors JEROME MAZZARO is professor of English at the State Uni­ versity of New York at Buffalo and is currently at work on a long study of the writings of Robert Lowell. His most recent books include William Carlos Williams: The Later Poems (Cornell, 1973) and Transformations in the Renais­ sance English Lyric (Cornell, 1970). EMIL ROY is an associate professor of English at Purdue. His most recent book is British Drama Since Shaw (Carbondale , 1972), and Professor Roy is now at work on a book involving a psychoanalytic approach to individual plays by Marlowe, Shakespeare, Jonson, Webster, Middleton and Rowley. DONALD BAKER is the author of a full-length play on the life of Thomas Hardy and has lectured on Hardy in the U.S.A. Presently principal lecturer in English at the Wey­ mouth College of Education, England, Professor Baker’s work has appeared in many publications, including Shake­ speare Survey and the University of Texas Quarterly. JOANNA DUTKA received her Ph.D. from the Center for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, and is now a visit­ ing assistant professor of English at Erindale College, Uni­ versity of Toronto. Professor Dutka’s chief areas of interest are medieval English literature and music, especially drama and liturgy. She has previously published in Mediaeval Studies. EDNA G. SHARONI, instructor in English and doctoral can­ didate at Bar-Ilan University, has published critical reviews and translations of modern Hebrew poetry as well as articles of a general nature on Israel. Her essay on T. S. Eliot appeared in an earlier issue of Comparative Drama. ...


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