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Contributors NORMA KROLL, assistant professor of English at North­ eastern University, is currently writing a book on the cosmic structure and human design integral to the four extant Corpus Christi Cycles. ROBERT W. HANNING is professor of English at Columbia University and the author of The Vision of History in Early Britain (1966) as well as many articles in various publica­ tions. He is currently completing a study of twelfth-century chivalric romance and is at work on a study of the Ovidian legacy in Renaissance art and literature, the latter sup­ ported by a Guggenheim Fellowship (1972-73). ALBERT ROTHENBERG, M.D., is associate professor of Psychiatry at Yale University. He is Principal Investigator of “Studies in the Creative Process,” and is a career research scientist supported by the National Institute of Mental Health. EUGENE D. SHAPIRO was a research associate on the pro­ ject, “Studies in the Creative Process,” supported by the Na­ tional Institute of Mental Health and the Yale University School of Medicine. He is currently at the University of California School of Medicine at San Francisco. JOANNE SPENCER KANTROWITZ, visiting assistant profes­ sor of English at Kent State University, has published work in PQ and Neo-Latin News, and recently held an ACLS grant for work in commentaries on Neo-Latin drama. She is now engaged in founding a medieval-renaissance newspaper devoted to undergraduate teaching and in continuing work on rhetoric and drama. ...


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