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Contributors JOHN W. VELZ, professor of English at the University of Texas, Austin, is the author of many articles on Shakespeare and on medieval and Tudor drama; his books include Shake­ speare and the Classical Tradition, and he is currently editing Julius Caesar in the MLA Variorum Shakespeare Series. LEONARD C. PRONKO is professor of Romance Languages at Pomona College and the Claremont Graduate School. Pro­ fessor Pronko’s work includes The World of Jean Anouilh, Avant-Grade: The Experimental Theatre in France, and Theatre East and West. LEONARD R. MENDELSOHN, associate professor of English at Sir George Williams University, Montreal, has written articles on Kafka, Milton and Renaissance drama. Currently he is interested in dramatic theory and in the study of Hebrew in sixteenth-century England. JOHN P. CUTTS, a frequent contributor to Comparative Drama, is chairman of die English Department at Oakland University. He has published widely on drama and music of sixteenth and seventeenth-century England. EDNA G. SHARONI, instructor in English and doctoral can­ didate at Bar-Ilan University, has published critical reviews and translations of modem Hebrew poetry as well as articles of a general nature on Israel. RONALD STROUD is completing his doctoral work at the University of Texas, Austin, where he is a student in Ren­ aissance Studies with a special interest in Greek and Latin literature. ...


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