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  • Ballot Initiative: Mission Rock Development Project, SF
  • Kelly Jean Egan (bio)

In the space between the clipboard       and this city-issued pen:     lawns promenades     affordable       housing instead of the derelict—   I vote for cigarettes, upgrade of dusk with frayed     pier paint & cirrus, mixed-use pavilion whose blueprint is a rolling paper. Bipartisan,       the verdigris’ drop shadow     tallies cost-benefit:       citizenship plus           failure of       my eye exam, loss         of cubist ignorance—     I’m betting to preserve the ancient   masonry of vacant,     la di dah     in geologic time . . .       I use tobacco to resist change, perch on do not enter fence   fennel’s     candied metal gateway     to our phoenix frontier   frontier of my solace   dumb       aftermath land     of who cares       go ahead sign my name [End Page 113]

Kelly Jean Egan

Kelly Jean Egan lives in San Francisco and recently completed her mfa in poetry at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga. In addition to writing, she also studies Spanish and generally obsesses about language. She likes to think about outer space and visit small towns.



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