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Index Abelard,Peter,165,170 Acker,Paul,212 Ackermann, E. M., 109n, 110n, 11ln, 112n,113n Aegidius Romanus,De regimine principum, 233 Aers, David, 3n, 114n, 120, 120n, 131, 131n,198, 264, 266; ed. Culture and History, 1350-1600: Essays on English Communities, Identities, and Writing, 143-45 Agnolo di Tura de! Grasso, 16n, 22-23, 23n Ahlgreen,Gillian T. W.,169 Albertus Magnus,217,218 Alexander of Ashby,255 Alford,John A.,30n; A Companion to Piers Plowman, 266 Allen,Judson Boyce,229,230,231,233, 281 Althusser,Louis,71n Ancrene Riwle, 155,164 Ancrene Wisse, 152,222 Andersen,David M.,73n,82,82n Anderson,Annie,18n Andreas,James R.,114n Andrew,Malcolm,279,281; (and Ronald Waldron), ed. The Poems of the Pearl Manuscript, 128n,193,194; (and Casey Finch, Ronald Waldron,and-Clifford Peterson),ed. The Complete Works ofthe Pearl Poet, 192-97 Anne of Bohemia,296 Anselm,164 Anselm of Havelberg,190 Aquilanr,54n Aquinas,St. Thomas,98n,154,164,245 Aristotle,164,216,217,222,285; Nichomachean Ethics, 175 Armitage-Smith,S.,61n Arnaud de Cervoles,16n Arthur,Ross,194 Ashley,Kathleen,182 Aston,Margaret,125n Aubailly,Jean-Claude,107n Auden,W. H.,84-85,84n,85n,96n; The Age ofAnxiety, 270 Auerbach,Erich,127n St. Augustine,77n,80,85,88-89,12223 , 123n,154,158,216; Confessions, 143,175; De doctrina Christiana, 70n, 200 Bagby,Benjamin,149 Baildon,William P.,29n,31n,32n,33n, 36n Baker,J. H.,34n Bakhtin, Mikhail, 113-15, 113n, 114n, 117,120-21,121n Bal,Mieke,221 Ball,John,209 Baltzer,Rebecca A.,(and Thomas Cable, James I. Wimsatt), ed. The Union of Words and Music in Medieval Poetry, 145-49 Banham,John,294 Barbour,John,The Bruce, 202-205 Barker,Simon,265,266 Barnes,Juliana,152-53 Barney,Stephen,260,261,262 Barr,Helen,ed. The Piers Plowman Tradi­ tion: A Critical Edition of Pierce the Ploughman's Crede, Richard the Redeless, Mum and the Sothsegger, and The Crowned King, 150-51 Barratt,Alexandra,ed. Women's Writing in Middle English, 152-53 Barthes,Roland,261 Bartsch,Karl,9n Baswell,Christopher,229,230 La Bataille de Caresme et de Charnage, 105n,107,107n La Bataille de Sainct Pensard a l'encontre de Caresme 107,107n Bateson,M.,46n Baugh,Albert C.,ed. A History ofthe En­ glish Language, 57n,59n,161 Beaudry,Mary L.,201 Beaufort,Margaret,153 395 STUDIES IN THE AGE OF CHAUCER Bee,Pierre,9,9n,10 Becket,Thomas,116,240,256 Beckett,Samuel,141 Beckwith,Sarah,144-45 Beer,Frances,Women and Mystical Experience in the Middle Ager,, 153-58 Bennett,J. A. W,110n Bennett,Judith,144 Benoit de Sainte-Maure, 283, 288-89, 298; Roman de Troie, 232 Benson,C. David,260,261,300 Benson,Larry D.,200,237; gen. ed. The Riverside Chaucer, 23n,33n, 47n,54, 54n,69n,100n,106n,194,299 Be(iUJulf, 146,148,149,273 Berglund,Maureen N.,39,42,183 Bernardo,Aldo S.,25n Bernarr de Ventadom,"Can vei la lauzeta mover," 149 Beroul,Tristan, 272 Bevis ofHampton, 54n The Bible,177,213-15,285; 1 Cor, 131, 159; john, 140; Mt, 136, 137; Prov, 158-59; Ps, 139; Tim, 80 Biddick,Kathleen,7n Biel,Gabriel,123,123n Billington,Sandra,107n Biraben,Jean-Noel,16n Biscoglio,Frances Minetti,The Wiver ofthe Canterbury Tales and the Tradition of the Valiant Woman of Proverbs 31:10-31, 158-60 Bishop,Ian,119n Bjelland,Karen,211,212 Black,Henry Campbell,31n Blake,Norman,227,242; ed. The Cam­ bridge History of the English Language: Vol. II, 1066-1476, 160--63 Blamires,Alcuin,152; (with Karen Pratt and C. W. Marx),ed. Woman Defamed and Woman Defended: An Anthology of Medieval Texts, 163-66 Blanch,Robert,301 Blanchard,Joel,7,7n,8 Blanche of Lancaster,18,18n,253 Bland,Cynthia Renee,229,231 Bloch,R. Howard,81,81n,274 Block,K. S.,276,277 Bloomfield,Morton W,73n 396 Boardman,Phillip C.,201 Boccaccio,Giovanni,234,235,236,237, 284; Decameron, 10n,16n,17n,18,25, 25n,26; Filostrato, 232,233,235,261, 262,282,283,285--88,289,290,297, 298; Tereida, 232,233,234,235 Boethius,120,198...


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