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Index to Books Reviewed Ackerman, Marianne L'A/faire Tartuffe , or, The Garrison Officers Rehearse Moliere 82 Albert, Michael. See Peloquin, Claude Amprimoz, Alexandre. See Marteau, Robert; Morency, Peter Andres, Bernard Rien avoir 95 Archambault, Gilles In a Minor Key, trans David Lobdell 111 Atwood, Margaret Wilderness Tips 43 Aubert de Gaspe, Philippe Yellow Wolf and Other Tales of the Saint Lawrence, trans Jane Brierly 111 Avison, Margaret Selected Poems 77 Baillie, Robert La Nuit de la SaintBasile 54 Balzano, Flora Soigne ta chute 57 Barolini, Antonio Croton Elegies, trans Helen Barolini 118 Barolini, Helen. See Barolini, Antonio Bartlett, Kenneth R., et al, eds Love and Death in the Renaissance 139 Bednarski, Betty Autour de Ferron 107 Begamudre, Ven A Planet of Eccentrics 51 Bishop, Neil. See Mailhot, Michele Booth, Michael R. Theatre in the Victorian Age 162 Bouchard, Denis, Remy Girard, Raymond Legault, and Julie Vincent La Deprime 100 . Bouchard, Michel Marc Lilies or the Revival ofa Romantic Drama, trans Linda Gaboriau 115 Brady, Jennifer, and W.H. Herendeen, eds Ben Jonson's 1616 Folio 151 Braid, Kate Covering Rough Ground 76 Brand, Dionne, ed No Burden to Omy 120 Brandis, Marianne Special Nests 33 Brant, Beth Food and Spirits 48 Brett, Brian Tanganyika 47 Brierly, Jane. See Aubert de Gaspe, Philippe; Ethier-Blais, Jean Brisset, Annie Sociocritique de la traduction 106 Brochu, Andre La Croix du nord 57 Brooker, Blake 77,e Land tl1e Animals 93 Brooks, Daniel, and Guillermo Verdecchia The Noam Chomsky Lectures 78 Brossard, Nicole Mauve Desert, trans Susanne de Lotbiniere-Harwood 109 Butt, Robyn-Marie Seasons of Ordinary Time 17 Callaghan, Barry. See Marteau, Robert Cameron, Anne Kick the Can 36 Campbell, Sandra, and Lorraine McMullen , eds New Women 39 Carley, Dave Take Five 86 Cave, Diane The Breakdown 93 Chartrand, Lina La P'tite Miss Easter Seals 103 Claing, Robert La Mort des rois/Le Temps est au noir 99 INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED 213 Clark, Eliza Miss You Like Crazy 12 Clark, Sally The Trial ofJudith K. 84 Cogswell, Fred, and Jo-Anne Elder, comps and trans Unfinished Dreams 116 Cohen, Matt Freud 31 Coles, Don Little Bird 65 Coupland, Douglas Generation X 4 Courtney, Richard Drama and Intelligence 207 Cowan, Judith. See Godin, Gerald Crosta, Suzanne Le Marronnage crealeur 199 Cullen, Nancy, Alexandria Patience, and Rose Scollard Aplira 83 Davies, Robertson Murther and Walking Spirits 29 De, Claire Sentimental i1 l'os 101 de Groot, H.B., and Alexander Leggatt , eds Craft and Tradition 133 Dean, Misao A Different Point of View 173 de Bruycker, Daniel. See Lambersey, Werner Delaney, Sheila Telling Hours 18 de Lotbiniere-Harwood, Susanne Rebe /le et infidele{fhe Body Bilingual 108; see also Brossard, Nicole De Luca, Vincent Arthur Words of Eternity 154 Denisoff, Dennis Dog Years 6 Des Roches, Roger La Jeune Femme et lil pornographie 60 Domanski, Don Wolf Ladder 67 Donaldson, Jeffery Once Out of Nature 74 Donohoe, Joseph I., ed Essays on Quebec Cinema 201 Doob, Penelope Reed The Idea of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages 138 Downie, Glen, and Pam Tranfield, eds More Than Our Jobs 75 Dupriez, Bernard Gradus, A Dictionary of Literary Devices, trans Albert Halsall 119 Eason, Bruce Black Tulips 18 Elder, Jo-Anne. See Cogswell, Fred Ethier-Blais, Jean White Desert, trans Jane Brierly 111 Fagan, Carey History Lessons 3 Fennario, David Joe Beef 81 Fielding, Joy See Jane Run 38 Foster, Cecil No Man in the House 7 Foster, Norm Opening Night 82 Frutkin, Mark Invading Tibet 22 Fulford, Robin Steel Kiss 88 Gaboriau, Linda. See Bouchard, Michel Marc Gagnon, Daniel Divine Diva, trans Agnes Whitfield 113; Venite a can/are, trans Agnes Whitfield 113 Galarneau, Claude, and Maurice Lemire , eds Livre et lecture au Quebec (1800-1850) 185 Garneau, Michel Celestine la-bas pres des tanneries au bord de la riviere 97; De la poussiere d'etoiles dans /es os 101 Germain, Georges-Hebert Christophe Colomb, naufrage sur /es c6tes du Paradis 53 Gingras, Nicole Les Images immobilisees 206 Girard, Remy. See Bouchard, Denis Givner, Joan Scenes from Provincial Life 45 Glover, Douglas A Guide to Animal Behaviour 46 Godard, Barbara. See Theoret, France Godin, Gerald Evenings at Loose Ends, trans...


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