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An Annotated Chaucer Bibliography 1985 Lorrayne Y Baird-Lange and Bege K. Bowers, Bibliographers With the assistance of Hildegard Schnuttgen Contributors: Virginia E. Leland, Bowling Green State University (Ohio); Martha S. Waller, Butler University (Indianapolis); Robert P. apRoberts, California State University (Northridge); Sumner Ferris, California Univer­ sity ofPennsylvania; Glending Olson, Cleveland State University; Thomas W Ross, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Robert L. Kindrick, Emporia State University; Claire Clements Morton, Huntingdon College (Montgomery, Ala.); Shinsuke Ando, Toshiyuki Takamiya, Keiko Kawachi, and Takami Matsuda, Keio University (Tokyo, Japan); Juliette Dor, University ofLiege (Belgium); David W Hiscoe, Loyola University of Chicago; Raymond E. McGowan, Loyola University o/New Orleans; Margaret]. Daymond, Uni­ versity of Natal; Bernard S. Levy and Sylvia Huntley Horowtiz, SUNY, Binghamton; Thomas Hahn and Rebecca Sumner, University a/Rochester; Rebecca S. Beal, University ofScranton; Tadahiro Ikegami, Sezjo University (Japan); Manuel Jose Gomez Lara, Universzdad de Sevilla; N. F. Blake, University o/Sheffield(England); Stanley R. Hauer, University ofSouthern Mississippi; John H. Fisher and Cathy Lynn Mills, University a/Tennessee (Knoxville); James I. Wimsatt and Kimberly Wilson, University of Texas (Austin); D. F. Chapin, University a/Western Ontario; Lorrayne Y Baird­ Lange, Bege K. Bowers, Rhonda Filipan, Sherry Brennan, Kristina Do­ nachie, Pamela Didur, Gratia Murphy, and Hildegard Schnuttgen, Young­ stown State University (Ohio). In addition to the regular bibliographic staff, the following made ad hoc contributions: David Anderson, University ofPennsylvania;]. D. Burnley, University of Sheffield (England); Jane Chance, Rice University; Helen Cooper, University College, Oxford;James Dean, Tufts University;Joerg 0. 279 STUDIES IN THE AGE OF CHAUCER Fichte, Universitat Tubingen; Alan]. Fletcher, University College Belfield, Dublin; Renata Haas, Universitiit Duisburg; R. W Hanning, Columbia University; David LyleJeffrey, University ofOttawa; Lynn Staley Johnson, Colgate University; Masahiko Kanno, Aichi University of Education (Japan); George R. Keiser, Kansas State University; Robert E. Lerner, Northwestern University; Tim William Machan, Marquette University; A. J. Minnis, University of Bristol (England); Michael Murphy, Brooklyn College, CUNY; Akio Oizumi, Doshisha University (Japan); Charles A. Owen, Jr., Freedom, N.H.; Derek Pearsall, University of York (England); Richard Rex, Bountiful, Utah; P. Robinson, Queen's University (Belfast); G. H. Russell, University ofMelbourne; R. A. Shoaf, University ofFlorida; A. C. Spearing, Queens College (Cambridge);TheoStemmler, Universitat Mannheim; Paul R. Thomas, Brigham Young University; Judith Weise, SUNY, Potsdam. The compilers acknowledge with gratitude the MLA typesimulation provided by Paul D. Miers, Managing Editor, Center for Bibliographical Services of the MLA;a grant for copying and materials from the University Research Council of Youngstown State University; postage from the De­ partment of English; word processing by Bege K. Bowers;reference search by Hildegard Schnuttgen, Debra Beronja, and Brian Brennan; and copy editing by Bege K. Bowers, all of Youngstown State University. This bibliography continues the bibliographies published since 1975 in previous volumes of Studies in the Age ofChaucer. Bibliographical infor­ mation up to 1975 can be found in Eleanor P. Hammond, Chaucer: A Bibliographic Manual(l908; reprint, New York: PeterSmith, 1933);D. D. Griffith, Bibliography of Chaucer, 1908-53 (Seattle: University of Wash­ ington Press, 1955); William R. Crawford, Bibliography of Chaucer, 1954-63 (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1967); Lorrayne Y. Baird, Bibliography a/Chaucer 1964-73 (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1977);John H. Fisher, ed., selected bibliography to 1974; full, 1975-79, in The Complete Poetry and Prose ofGeoffrey Chaucer (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1982);andJohn Leyerleand Anne Quick, eds., Chaucer: A Selected Bibliography (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1984). Special mention must also be made of the Chaucer bibliographies being issued by the University of Toronto Press under the general editorship of Thomas Hahn and A.J. Colaianne;and of Lorrayne Y. Baird-Lange and Hildegard Schnuttgen, Bibliography of Chaucer, 1974-85 (Hamden, Conn.: Shoe String Press, 1987), forthcoming. The annotations in this bibliography for Studies in the Age ofChaucer are based on listings in the MLA International Bibliography of 1985 with 280 BIBLIOGRAPHY additions from independent research. Annotations are edited for economy and content by Lorrayne Y. Baird-Lange. Length ofannotations reflects the needs of editorial economy and centrality to Chaucer. Additions and corrections should be sent toLorrayne Y. Baird-Lange, Bibliographic Divi­ sion, New Chaucer Society, Department of English, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio 44555. Authors...


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