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Index Abraham 206 Ackerman, R. W. 166, 167 Aelred of Rievaulx 177; De spirztalt amicitia 195 Aeneas 132n, 208 Aesculapius 90, 98 Agnes of Navarre 96 Alben the Great 219 Albumazar 157 Alexander 223 Alexander of Hales 219 Alexander,].]. G. 156n; (withM. T. Gib­ son) ed. Medieval Learning and Litera­ ture 25n Alfonso el Sabio 185 Allen,]. B. 183, 187; Ethical Poetic of the Later Middle Ages 43n, 63n, 218, 221; Friar as Critic 61n, 63; ed. (with T. A. Moritz) A D1,tinction of Stories 27n, 34n, 44n, 5ln Alliterative Marte Arthure 268, 269 Althusser, Louis 114n Amadas et Ydoine 184 Ancrene Riwle 190 Anderson, David 119n Anderson,J.]. 209 Andreas Capellanus De amore 118 Andrews, Malcolm The Gawain-Poet: An Annotated Bibliography 116 Anne of Bohemia 164 Anne, St. 147 Aquinas, St. Thomas 219 Argyle,Michael (withMark Cook) Gaze and Mutual Gaze 121n, 124n Aristotle 69, 70, 219, 223 Arn,M. 266 Arnold, Thomas 203, 205 Arthur 99 Askam, Anthonius 159n Aubrun,Michel 8n Aucassin et Nicolette 196 Auerbach, Erich Literary Language and Its Public 58n Augustine, St. 6n, 147; Confessions 60, 85, 196; Solzloquia 195; De spin"ta!i amicitia 195 Avril, F. 144n; French Painting in the Time ofjean de Berry 138n Ayenbite ofInwit 173 Ayers, Robert 42, 43 Baker, Donald C. The Mtfler's Tale: A Van­ arum Edition 161-63 Baillie-Graham, W. & F. 92n Baldwin, Ralph Unity of the Canterbury Tales 7n, 24n, 46n Bannatyne Manuscnpt 182 Barbi,Michele 248 Barker-Benfield, Bruce 160n Barney, Stephen 165 Barnie,John War in Medieval English Society 102n Barratt, Alexandra 190 Barron, W. R.J. 166 Barthes, Roland Pleasure of the Text 135 Bartholomaeus Anglicus De propn·etatibus rerum 200 Bartkowski, Frances 109n Barzun,Jacques 191 Bashe, E.J. 29n Baskin, Wade 113n Bass, Alan 114n Baugh, A. C. 23, 31n Beadle, Richard 226 Bellenden,John 182 Bennett,]. A. W. 171; Chaucer atOxford and Cambndge 137n Benson, Larry D. 4, 25, 31n; ed. Lerned and the Lewed 4; ed. (with S. Wenzel) Wisdom ofPoetry 163-65 Benson,Robert G. Medieval Body Language 107-12, 119, 121-26, 129, 134 Beowulf 164, 168, 184 339 STUDIES IN THE AGE OF CHAUCER Bernard 177 Bernardo, Aldo S. 59; ed. Francesco Pe­ trarcha: Citizen ofthe World 64n,65n Tale ofBeryn 23-37,40,49,50 Bible 6,7,10,20,49,108,155,195,206, 207,219 Bigelow,M. M. 149n Bird,Ruth Turbulent London ofRichard JI 103n Black Book of Carmathen 210 Blake, Norman F. 25; The Canterbury Tales ofGeoffrey Chaucer 162 Blanch,RobertJ. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A Reference Guide 166-67 Blind,Harry 182 Block,K. S. 14n Bloom,Harold Anxiety of Influence 27n Bloomfield,Morton 46n, 49n, 163, 166, 209,218 Bober,Harry 156n,262 Boccaccio 55,58,60,61,73,74,171,178, 186,220; De clans mulieribus 62n; De­ cameron 54,55n,61,169,197,248-50; II Filostrato 123,263,270; De genealo­ gia deorum 68: Teseida 45,168,215, 217,264 Boethius 69,186; Consolation ofPhiloso­ phy 7,48,195 Bohun,Humphrey 149 Boitani,Piero ed. Chaucer and the Imagi­ nary World of Fame 167-70; Chaucer and the Italian Trecento 70n, 170-72; English Narrative in the 13th and 14th Centuries 198-99 Bonaventure 220 Bonconpagno of Signa llO,114; Rota venens 116-18,122,126,127 Bonet,Honore L'arbre de batail/es 89 Boniface IX 150 Borges,Jorge Luis 170 Bornstein,Diane 77n Bosco,U. 59n Bowden,Muriel Commentary on the Gen­ era! Prologue to the Canterbury Tales 31n Bowers,Fredson 52n,76n Bradley,Ritamary 189 Braddy,Helen 101n 340 Branca, Vitrore 169, 249, 250; Boccac­ cio 60n, 68n; Boccaccio medieva/e 64n Braswell,Laurel 190 Braybrooke,Robert 151 Brewer,Charlotte 233-37 Brewer, Derek Chaucer and Hts World 89n Bronson. Bertrand In Search of Chaucer 51n Brown,Mr. 159 Brown, William ed. Guisborough Chartu­ lary 153n Browne,William 228 Brusendorff, Aage The Chaucer Tradition 24 Bryan, W. F. ed. (with G. Dempster) Sources and Analogues of Chaucer's Can­ terbury Tales 17n,53n,90n,92n,98n Buhler,C. F. 139n Burke,J.]. 115n Burnley,David Chaucer's Language and the Philosophers' Tradition 53n, 174; Guide to...


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