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An Annotated Chaucer Bibliography 1983 Lorrayne Y. Baird-Lange Bibliographer With the assistance of Hildegard Schnuttgen and Bege Bowers Contributors: Virginia E. Leland, Bowling Green State University (Ohio); Martha S. Waller, Butler University (Indianapolis); Saralyn R. Daly, Cal­ ifornia State University (Los Angeles); Robert P. apRoberts, California State University (Northridge); Sumner Ferris, California State University ofPennsylvania; Glending Olson, Cleveland State University; Thomas W. Ross, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Robert L. Kindrick, Emporia State Univer­ sity; Claire Clements Morton, Huntingdon College (Montgomery, Ala.); Paul Strohm, Indiana University, (Bloomington); Shinsuke Ando, Toshiyuki Takamiya, and Keiko Kawachi, Keio University Oapan); Juliette De Caluwe-Dor, University of Liege (Belgium); Raymond E. McGowan, Loyola University; Robert Raymo, New York University; Daniel]. Ransom, University ofOklahoma; David W. Hiscoe and Larry Langford, Rice University; Russell A. Peck and Thomas Hahn, University ofRochester; Rebecca S. Beal, University ofScranton; Tadahiro Ikegami, Sezjo University Oapan); N. F. Blake, University ofSheffield (England); Tim. D. P.Lally, University ofSouthAlabama; Stanley R. Hauer, Univer­ sity ofSouthern Mississippi;John H. Fisher, Daniel F. Pigg, and George E. Nicholas, University of Tennessee (Knoxville); James I. Wimsatt and Kristine Hansen, University ofTexas (Austin); D. F. Chapin, University of Western Ontario; Bege Bowers, Hildegard Schnuttgen, Gratia M. Mur283 STUDIES IN THE AGE OF CHAUCER phy, Janet Knapp, Debra Beronja, Carla Buss, and Lorrayne Y. Baird­ Lange, Youngstown State University. In addition to the regular bibiliographic staff, the following made ad hoc contributions: Sigmund Eisner, University ofArizona; Ian Bishop, University o/Bnstol (England); Howard H. Schiess, Columbia University; Charles A. Owen, University ofConnecticut; M. L. Samuels, University of Glasgow; Peter Nicholson, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Thorlac Turville-Petre, University a/Nottingham (England); Helen Cooper, Uni­ versity College, Oxford (England); Catherine La Farge, The Queen's Uni­ versity ofBelfast; Jean Ritzke-Rutherford, Universitiit Regensburg; Prof. Adams, Sam Houston State University; and R. F. Yeager, Warren Wilson College (Swannanoa, N.C.). The compiler and editor acknowledges with gratitude a grant for typing from the University Research Council of Youngstown State University and payment for the MLA print-out (provided by Susan Cook Summer) made by the New Chaucer Society. Special mention must also be made of Hildegard Schnuttgen, Reference Librarian of Youngstown State Univer­ sity, for her extraordinary efficiency in procuring interlibrary loans for the project; and of Bege Bowers, copy editor. This bibliography continues the bibliographies published since 1975 in previous volumes ofStudies in the Age ofChaucer. Bibliographical infor­ mation up to 1975 can be found in Eleanor P. Hammond, Chaucer: A Bibliographic Manual (1908; reprint, New York: Peter Smith, 1933); D. D. Griffith, Bibliography ofChaucer, 1908-1953 (Seattle: University ofWashington Press, 1955); William R. Crawford, Bibliography ofChau­ cer, 1954-63 (Seattle: University ofWashington Press, 1967); Lorrayne Y. Baird, Bibliography a/Chaucer1964-73 (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1977);John H. Fisher, ed., selected bibliography to 1974, full 1975-79, in The Com­ pletePoetry andProse ofGeoffrey Chaucer (New York: Holt, Rinehartand Winston, 1982); and John Leyerle and Anne Quick, eds., Chaucer: A Selected Bibliography (Toronto: University ofToronto Press, 1984). Spe­ cial mention must also be made ofthe Chaucerbibliographies being issued by the University of Toronto Press under the general editorship of A. J. Colaianne and R. M. Piersol. The annotations in this bibliography for Studies in the Age ofChaucer are based upon listings in the MLA International Bibliography of 1983 with additions from independent research. Length of annotations reflects length of received annotation, the needs of editorial economy, and cen­ trality to Chaucer. Additions and corrections should be sent to Lorrayne Y. 284 BIBLIOGRAPHY Baird-Lange, Department of English, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio 44555. Authors' own annotations are invited (75 words or less for articles; 150 words or less for books; mere listings for reviews) on 5 x 8 cards, and should comply with the form of SACs published entries. We search major journals for articles and reviews; authors are urged to send citations that might be overlooked. 285 Classifications Bibliographies and Reports 1-5 Facsimiles, Editions, and Translations 6-12 Manuscripts and Textual Studies 13-17 Sources, Analogues, and Literary Relations 18-31 Chaucer's Influence and Later Allusion 32-51 Language and Word Studies 52-62 Background and General Criticism 63-116 The Canterbury Tales-General 117...


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