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  • Notes on Contributors

* AZALEA generally adheres to the McCune-Reischauer system in transcribing Korean into English. However, many Korean contributors have not followed this convention, and we respect their way of writing their names in English.

Jamie Chang is a translator, a lecturer at Ewha Womans University, and a radio show host on TBS eFM. She has translated The Great Soul of Siberia: Passion, Obsession, and One Man's Quest for the World's Most Elusive Tiger by Sooyong Park.

Ch'oe Yun (b. 1953) is a scholar, translator, and author, honored in 1992 with the Tongin Literature Prize for "Hoesaek nunsaram" (trans. 2005 "The Gray Snowman"), and in 1994 with the Yi Sang Literature Prize for "Hanak'o nŭn ŏpta" (trans. 1997 "The Last of Hanak'o"). "Sup sog ŭi pint'ŏ" ("The Clearing") was first published in the Autumn 1996 issue of Tongsŏ munhak.

Chung Taek Yong, born in 1976 at Kwangmyŏng, studied linguistics at Korea University and, after a short employment, photography at Chung-Ang University. He has worked as a photojournalist for various news media. He has had numerous exhibitions, including the solo exhibitions You're Isolated: Records of 1,895 Days of Struggle by Temporary Workers of the Kiryung Electronics at the Congress Building in 2010, and Song of Sleep, at Ryugahŏn in 2016; and group exhibitions, including Human Rights Exhibition, at the City Hall Station in 2008, and Yongsan Disaster, Memory and Reflection after 8 Years, at Seoul City Hall. He published several photo collections, including You're Isolated (2010), Ecce Homo (2011), There Was a Village: Record of Struggle against the Expansion of the U.S. Army Camp (2012), Living at Miryang [End Page 348] (2014), Expedition for Enucleation and Out-of-Transmission Tower (2015), Miryang, Light of Ten Years (2015), and Sleeping Out: A Sit-down on the High Rise Tower and Sleeping in the Open (2016). He was awarded the Grand Prize of 2008 Human Rights Photography by the Lawyers Association for Democratic Society.

Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton are the translators of numerous volumes of modern Korean fiction. Their most recent translations are the graphic novel Moss by Yoon Taeho (serialized at The Huffington Post), The Human Jungle by Cho Chŏngnae (Chin Music Press), and Sunset: A Ch'ae Manshik Reader (Columbia University Press).

Hwang Chŏng-ŭn (b. 1976) is the author of three novels and three volumes of short fiction. She has received half a dozen literary awards, most recently the Daesan Literature Prize for Kyesok haebogessŭmnida (All the Way), her novel published by Ch'angbi in 2014. Her story "Ppyŏ toduk" is scheduled for English translation ("The Bone Thief") in The Massachusetts Review in 2017.

Elizabeth Jorgensen currently works at Arrowhead Union High School in the Language Arts department teaching creative writing, journalism, and composition. She has had multiple works published in places such as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Wisconsin English Journal. She also writes a bi-monthly blog for Marquette University's College of Education. Jorgensen received her bachelor's degree in journalism and education from Marquette University in 2005 and obtained her master's degree in education from Carroll University in 2009.

Minsoo Kang is a historian, fiction writer, and translator. He is the author of the history book Sublime Dreams of Living Machines: The Automaton in the European Imagination (Harvard UP, 2011), the book of short stories Of Tales and Enigmas (Prime, 2006), and the Penguin Classic translation of The Story of Hong [End Page 349] Gildong (Penguin, 2016). His book-length study of The Story of Hong Gildong is forthcoming in 2018 from the University of Hawai'i Press with the title The Invincible and Righteous Outlaw: Hong Gildong, the Korean Noble Robber, in Literature, History, and Culture. He is currently an associate professor of history at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

Kim Kyung Ju is the author of many titles of poetry, essays, and play-dramas. He is one of the most popular and decorated writers of his generation. The English-language translation of his first book of poetry, I Am a Season That Doesn't Exist in the World (Black Ocean, 2016), was a...