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  • Index to Volume 73September 2016 through June 2017
  • Martin D. Jenkins

Personal names are identified as author (a), composer (c), editor (e), reviewer (r), or translator (t); names not so identified are subject entries. Titles of articles published in Notes are contained in quotation marks; titles of reviewed books, compositions, videos and electronic media are italicized. Series titles are entered only under the following headings: Books in series; Scores in series; Complete and collected editions; and Historical sets and monuments of music. Entries are alphabetized word-by-word.

Abell, David Charles, e 161–66

Abromeit, Kathleen, 508

Adefolalu, Opetoritse Agbejuleoritse, ARL/MLA Diversity & Inclusion Fellow, 79

Adelson, Robert, e 559–61; r 313–15

Adelstein, Rachel, r 271–73

After Django (Perchard), 104–6

Alajaji, Sylvia, a 279–81

Albania, folk music, 712–13

Alderking, Seann, e 161–66

analysis, 533–40

antisemitism, 730–33

Arazoza, Ana Elena, t 117–20

Archer-Capuzzo, Sonia, Gerboth Award, 77–78

“An Archive and a Collection of Rare Music Scores: The William Crawford III Collections” (Tsou), 673–97

Arias for Stefano Mandini, 339–45

ARL/MLA Diversity & Inclusion Fellows, 79

Armenians, displaced, 279–81

Arnold, Donna, “A Treasure Trove from Radio’s Bygone Days: The WFAA and WBAP Sheet-Music Collections at the University of North Texas Music Library,” 22–32

Arranging Gershwin (Bañagale), 113–15

Association of College & Research Libraries, Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education, 9–21

Atkinson, Peter, r 707–10

Austerlitz, Paul, e 777–81

Austin, Larry, collection, 269

awards, grants, prizes, 77–79, 504

Březina, Aleš, e 166–70

Bain, Jennifer, a 300–2

Baldwin Wallace University, 502–3

Bañagale, Ryan Raul, a 113–15

Bane, Michael, r 556–58

Barbacane, Kristy, r 721–25

“Barney and Gloria: Revisiting Tin Pan Alley” (York), 473–501

Barthel, Laure, e 559–61

Bartók, Béla, biography, 306–8

Batchelder, Daniel, r 157–61

Baunach, Kerri Scannell, “Prices of Music Monographs and Scores as Reflected in Notes, 2010–2015,” 260–67

Beal, Amy C., a 310–13

Beethoven (Swafford), 302–4

Béla Bartók (Cooper), 306–8

Ben-Moshe, Raffi, a 120–22

Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall, 761–65

Berlioz, Hector, 90–94

Best of Chapters Award, 79

Better Git It in Your Soul (Gabbard), 733–35

Between Nostalgia and Apocalypse (Sharp), 283–85

Beyer, Johanna, biography, 310–13

Beyond the Beat (Cornfield), 518–25

big band music, Afro-Cuban, 777–81

biographies: Bartók, 306–8; Beethoven, 302–4; Beyer, 310–13; Bizet, 98–100; Fela, 516–18; Handel, 84–86; Mingus, 733–35; Wainwright, 737–39

Bitch Magnet, 275–76

Bizet (Macdonald), 98–100

Blackburn, Bonnie J., e 540–44

Blau, Dick, a 744–46

Bloom, Peter, correction to review of The Other Worlds of Berlioz, 361; r 90–94, 730–33

bluegrass music, 746–48

Boatwright Memorial Library/University of Richmond, 79

Bobetsky, Victor V., e 115–17

Boddie, Avery, ARL/MLA Diversity & Inclusion Fellow, 79 [End Page 809]

Boland, Marguerite, e 576–77

Bonjack, Stephanie, r 737–39

“Book Reviews,” 84–135, 271–316, 509–67, 703–48

books, prices, 260–67

books in series:

  Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 292–95

  Aldeburgh Studies in Music Series, 726–30

  American Composers, 310–13

  American Made Music Series, 510–13

  American Popular Music, 518–25

  Broadway Legacies, 298–300

  Cambridge Companions to Music, 123–26, 509–10, 513–16

  Cambridge Introductions to Music, 550–52

  Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology, 531–33

  Dictionaries for the Modern Musician, 315–16

  Eastman Studies in Music, 86–88, 111–13, 536–40

  Ethnomusicology Multimedia, 279–81

  Historiae Musicae Cultores, 101–2

  Jazz Perspectives, 104–6

  Languages and Folklore of the Upper Midwest, 744–46

  The Master Musicians Series, 98–100

  Miscellanea, 540–44

  Music and the Early Modern Imagination, 88–90, 705–7

  Music/Culture, 283–85, 529–31

  Music in Britain, 1600–2000, 725–26

  Music in Context, 285–87, 544–47, 552–54

  Music: Interview, 516–18

  Music since 1900, 308–10

  Musical Performance and Reception, 556–58

  MusicologieS, 561–63

  Oxford Studies in Music Theory, 102–4

  Popular Music History, 737–39

  Public Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa, 279–81...


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