Youth participation in the production and consumption of slash fanfiction (fanfiction that queers texts by depicting homosexual relationships) can be considered revolutionary for a number of reasons, but particularly because it elucidates what youth determine to be appropriate content for themselves and because it strategically shifts focus from the discourse of non-heteronormativity to the pleasure and romance of non-heteronormative relationships. Indeed, in a study in Sweden, youth respondents to a questionnaire about their interest in slash fanfiction cited both the lack of books about gay teenagers whose relationships are accepted as normal and the opportunity to explore varying sexualities as part of the appeal of slash (Wikström and Olin-Scheller 92). However, most studies of sexuality and slash fanfiction published to date examine the sexualities of those who produce and consume it rather than the fan-authored texts themselves. This article will seek to begin to fill this gap in research by exploring the conjunction of masculinity and sexuality in Maya’s Underwater Light, a Harry Potter–inspired slash fanfiction published online in installments between the release of Goblet of Fire (2000) and Order of the Phoenix (2003).


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