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CZECH MAIL Prague, February 28, 1980. Dear Live, Thank you very much for three issues of LIVE and, first of all for your very kind letter offering a place in it for the things made or being made here. But I have to admit my holding of an illusion: I knew that most artists making actions/performances here have stopped-for different reasons - their activities during the last 1-2 years: but I've reckoned upon their creative abilities, forcing them to come back ... But as much as I can see I was wrong. And moreover, for the present time I feel myself unsatisfied with this kind of working: with its directions to theatre and show in the West as well as with very limited possibilities to do these things here, and from it a resulting limited audience, etc. And the last but not least reason of my unsatisfaction is lying in myself, because of feelings of exhaustion of directness of my own body's involvement in these works, and because of my inability to arrange works using one or more mass media and their effects , which are attracting me more and more (I never studied art, but-over 10 years ago-information and communication theory). Many best regards and thanks. Love. Petr Stembera P.S. I didn't end my working--now I am waiting for some ideas and am preparing to create some"sociological" works (not performances). More like studies. In an unstable position over two bottles of spray-when I fall over, the sprays start spraying. (Untitled, Prague, 1979) riacing a cncKen Detween a i V set and a radio, I prevent it from escaping. (Untitled, Wroclaw, Poland, 1979) 29 ...


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