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Contributors ANDRZEJ BONARSKI is a Polish critic who has written for Dialog. JOHN E. BOWLT teaches in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Texas, Austin. He recently edited Russian Art of the Avant-Garde: Theory and Criticism 1902-1934 for The Documents of 20th-CenturyArt series. DARYL CHIN writes film reviews for the Soho Weekly News. GAUTAM DASGUPTA is co-founder and editor of PAJ, and theatre critic for the Soho Weekly News. RICHARD A. FALK is Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law and Politics at Princeton University. His books include: This EndangeredPlanet,A Study of Future Worlds, and A GlobalApproach to NationalPolicy. JOHN HOWELL works for Art-Rite and has published articles and reviews in Arts Magazine, Art in America, and Art News. WILLIAM KLEB teaches in the Deapartment of Dramatic Art at the University of California, Davis. He is currently collaborating on an art performance piece with San Francisco artists. BETTINA KNAPP is Professor of French and Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center and Hunter College of the City University of New York. Her books include: Antonin Artaud:A Man of Vision, Jean Genet, Off-Stage Voices, and Maurice Maeterlinck. W. STUART McDOWELL is a playwright-director. His article was made possible by a Fulbright Grant for study and research in Germany. CAROL ROSEN is Assistant Professor of English at Princeton University. She has written for ComparativeDrama. JEAN-CLAUDE VAN ITALLIE is a playwright who worked extensively with The Open Theatre. His plays include: The Serpent, America Hurrah,and adaptations of The Sea Gulland The Cherry Orchard. The Editors gratefully acknowledge the kind assistance of Michael Goldstein, George Fricke, Joelle Morrison and Virginia Rolston of the Soho Weekly News. ...


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