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Separating the surfaces of the upturned pyramid are its glass walls. Waves are refracted as they enter and leave the prism. The atrium refracts the most, causing superior waves. Left atrium is split along its vessels leaving light colored. Right atrium refracts more, using the thinner slit there which spreads red vessels as a block of glass sliced right through. As a result, shorter wavelengths refract the least splitting up the violet inferior triangular cross-section bordering light white causing color to spread across left ventricle and right ventricle, the four main borders of the heart, forming a spectrum. [End Page 131]

Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer is a writer, performer, and lecturer at Kingston University. She is the author of Deleuze and Futurism: A Manifesto for Nonsense (2014). She has recently published articles on new materialism and gender, and she is currently writing a book titled Queer Defamiliarisation: A Reassessment of Estrangement and an novel titled Pleasure Beach.



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