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  • Jellyfish
  • Helen Palmer (bio)

half-moon half-bubble invert

you make one cell an everywhere

your one silent bell is the crust of your world

your dovetailing movements of contraction and expansion form two rippling rings that meet and shoot you through the deep

your skin is a muscle that flips you nearly inside out just flipping to scoosh yourself over and over an underwater arabesque with fleshy ribbons trailing a stinging wake

but at low tide when your skin meets the outside’s outside it should keep your insides bubbled inside

but at some point you were flipped rather than flipping as dancing through water you flip

while submerged your inside is outside but in the outside you are wrong

when your insides meet my outside

naked and upturned

you are a splat. [End Page 130]

Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer is a writer, performer, and lecturer at Kingston University. She is the author of Deleuze and Futurism: A Manifesto for Nonsense (2014). She has recently published articles on new materialism and gender, and she is currently writing a book titled Queer Defamiliarisation: A Reassessment of Estrangement and an novel titled Pleasure Beach.



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