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  • Medium Security Prison
  • Liz Robbins (bio)

The orange jumpsuit works to make us all   the same, but I’ve always viewed myself     as lesser than those around me. Next door,

Alisha stuck her man with a ten-inch blade   when she heard he’d played blackjack     with their savings. Maybe what I did isn’t

so bad, but as it’s mine, it feels worse.   The morning sun casts a shadow of bars     across our faces. In some ways, life is easier

here. Our choices, gone — but it’s hard to   decide, to choose to be loving day by day,     step by step. I work the laundry, where it’s good

and hot, folding sheets like old dreams   into small, ignorable piles. I have too much     time, but recalling wrongs serves to deter.

Those outside regret all day, without the small   release punishment brings. The smell of bleach     is persuasive, but a lie. Nothing ever comes

completely clean. That’s what binds us:   recognizing in each other the dirt, so we’ll     keep trying to scrub out our own. [End Page 20]

Liz Robbins

Liz Robbins is an associate professor of English and creative writing at Flagler College. She is the author of Freaked (2015); Play Button (2012); Girls Turned Like Dials (2012); and Hope, as the World Is a Scorpion Fish (2007).



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