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  • Acknowledgments

IJFAB would like to thank the following readers and reviewers for issues 8.1 and 8.2: Rachel Ankeny, Angela Ballantyne, Suze Berkhout, Robyn Bluhm, Patricia Boling, Matteo Bonotti, Kirstin Borgerson, Samantha Brennan, Howard Brody, J. Lynne Brown, Colleen Mary Carpenter, Melissa Cheyney, Jacqueline Chin, Gary L. Comstock, Emily Contois, Lisa Cosgrove, Deborah Creedy, Angus Dawson, Sheryl de Lacey, Katherine Dettwyler, Susan Dodds, Alice Dreger, Rebecca Dresser, Carolyn Ells, Helen Fielding, Lily Frank, Erin Fredericks, Anna Gotlib, Margret Gray, Jyotsna A. Gupta, Michael K. Gusmano, Jennifer Hansen, Karey Harwood, Lisa Heldke, David Hunter, Nancy Jecker, Christopher Jordens, Isabel Karpin, Julie Kent, Rory Kraft, Rosalind Ekman Ladd, Monique Lanoix, Melanie Latham, Emma Lea, Hilde Lindemann, Mianna Lotz, Florencia Luna, Jessica Mayock, Erin McKenna, Carolyn McLeod, Zahra Meghani, Kathryn Morgan, Michal Nahman, Jamie L. Nelson, Bonnie O’Connor, Yvette E. Pearson, Constance Perry, Douglas Porter, Nancy Potter, Laura Purdy, Michal S. Raucher, Geof Rayner, Lynette Reid, Alison Reiheld, Phyllis Rippeyoung, Sara Rodrigues, Wendy Rogers, Adam M. Rosenfeld, Amanda Roth, Federica Russo, Marilyn S. Sarow, Toby Schonfeld, Gail M. Schwab, Jackie Leach Scully, Margrit Shildrick, Marcia Mount Shoop, Andrea Smith, Olivia Tena, Charis Thompson, Margaret E. Toye, Sofia Vercutre, Shay Welch, Kyle Powys Whyte, Allison Wolf, Catherine Womack, Silvia Woods, and Ben Wurgaft. Without their time, effort, and insight, IJFAB would not be possible. [End Page 265]



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