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  • William M. O’Barr (bio) and Edward Timke (bio)
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In this editorial introduction, editors William “Mack” O’Barr and Edward Timke discuss the launch of Advertising & Society Quarterly( ASQ). O’Barr details the emergence of ASQ, which has roots going back to O’Barr’s founding of Advertising & Society Review( A&SR) in 2000. A&SRwas the first journal dedicated to the study of advertising’s place in society, culture, history, and the economy. ASQ’s vision is to continue to ask important questions about advertising’s various roles in the world. What distinguishes the new journal is the integration of digital features that bring the discussion of advertising and society to life. Timke provides a brief overview of this first issue’s predominant focus on digital advertising as well as the new segments found in the journal, including a filmed roundtable, interview, and book discussion. The editors hope that readers and viewers find the new format engaging in their study, research, and teaching about advertising.

The ASQEditors would like to thank Linda M. Scott and Astrid Van den Bossche for their service and contributions to Advertising & Society Review.

William M. O’Barr

William M. O’Barr is Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Duke University where he has taught since 1969. He holds secondary appointments in the Departments of Sociology and English. He has been a visiting professor at Northwestern, Dalhousie, and Oxford. He has been recognized for his outstanding undergraduate teaching by both the Duke University Alumni Association and Trinity College (Duke University). His course Advertising and Society: Global Perspectives is one of Duke’s most popular undergraduate courses. His seminars include Advertising and Masculinity, Children and Advertising, and The Language of Advertising.

He is author and co-author of ten books, including Culture and the Ad: Exploring Otherness in the World of Advertising, Rules versus Relationships: The Ethnography of Legal Discourse, and Just Words: Law, Language, and Power. He has conducted anthropological research in Brazil, China, East Africa, India, Japan, and the US. In addition to his interest in social and cultural aspects of advertising, Professor O’Barr has researched law in a variety of cultural settings.

In 2000, he founded Advertising & Society Reviewand served as editor from 2000 to 2005. In 2017, he was appointed editor of Advertising & Society Quarterly (ASQ), the successor journal to A&SR. He is author of, which consists of more than 25 units published as supplements to A&SR.

Edward Timke

Edward Timke is Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also Associate Editor of Advertising & Society Quarterlyand contributor to His work centers on understanding the role of media in international relations and how different cultures understand and imagine each other. His current book manuscript focuses on representations of American and French women in popular French and American media. His research and teaching specialties include American and international media history, trans-Atlantic magazine history, women in the media, photojournalism and visual culture, the cultural history of advertising, and research methods.

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