The 2016 Annual Meeting of Chinese Anthropological Society (2016 Nian Zhongguo Renleixue Xuehui Xueshu Nianhui 2016 年中国人类学 学会学术年会), jointly organized by The Chinese Anthropological Society and the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations (Shanghai shi Shehui Kexue Jie Lianhehui), was held in Fudan University, Shanghai, China, on November 4-6, 2016. Focusing on the theme "Colorful Symbiosis Anthropology" (Duocai Gongsheng de Renleixue 多彩共生的人类学), the meeting was attended by over 320 scholars from China, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA), with reporting language mainly in Chinese. There were 12 keynote speeches and 101 presentations featuring six major themes: linguistic anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeological anthropology, historical anthropology, cultural anthropology and educational anthropology.

2016 年11 月4-6 日,由中国人类学学会和上海市社会科学界联合会主办 的"2016 年中国人类学学会学术年会"在上海复旦大学召开。本次学术 年会以"多彩共生的人类学"为主题。来自中国内地、香港、台湾、英 国、美国的75 家科研机构和高校,共计320 余位专家学者参加了本次会 议,其中113 位专家学者做了主题演讲。本次会议共有12 个大会主题报 告和101 个专题报告,其中专题报告主要围绕语言人类学、体质人类学、 考古人类学、历史人类学、文化人类学、教育人类学等6 个议题展开. (通 讯作者:曹晓佩)


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