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  • Letter From the Editor
  • Jessica N. Berry

Dear Readers,

This is a time of many transitions for JNS and of exciting new developments in Nietzsche studies. Since 2011, I have had the pleasure and the privilege of working as an Associate Editor under Christa Davis Acampora, and as I now step into her editorial role, I know you will join me in thanking her for service to the journal, where her wise stewardship has secured its reputation as the preeminent venue for English-language scholarship on Nietzsche’s thought and work. Her efforts have increased submissions, kept acceptances competitive, encouraged scholarly accuracy, consistency, and rigor, and enhanced the visibility of the journal through electronic distribution services that have made it an ever more valuable resource for scholars worldwide. I am deeply grateful for her help and support, and for the generous assistance of the production team at Penn State University Press (PSUP) and of the administration at Georgia State University, who have enthusiastically welcomed the journal to its new editorial home.

Many thanks, too, to outgoing reviews editor for foreign-language titles, Matthew Meyer, and to longtime Associate Editor Anthony Jensen, whom many of you know as a meticulous scholar and as an indefatigable ambassador for Nietzsche scholarship abroad. And we welcome on board, as Associate Editor, Paul Katsafanas, whose role as liaison to the North American Nietzsche Society (NANS) will ensure that JNS maintains its vital connection to that organization, which has recently seen important transitions of its own. Having suspended the practice of meeting in group sessions at divisional conferences of the American Philosophical Association, NANS struck out in a new direction last October and held the first of its biennial conferences at Hunter College in New York. The Society honored Richard Schacht, who has served as its Executive Director since the 1980s, and officially welcomed R. Lanier Anderson into that position. The journal will continue to work closely with NANS, publishing selections of its proceedings and addresses, and also with the Friedrich Nietzsche Society (FNS) in Great Britain; although it is now owned by PSUP, the journal was [End Page 1] originally founded in 1992 as the journal of the FNS. And we welcome, as a new entry into the field of thriving academic societies dedicated to the advancement of scholarship on Nietzsche’s work, the International Society for Nietzsche Studies (ISNS), which held its inaugural workshop at Universität Bonn last summer.

All of these developments are tribute to the growing vitality of Nietzsche studies and the crucial service that JNS must continue to perform for this scholarly community. To that end, I encourage all of you to submit your work to the journal! One of the most important roles JNS can play is as a vehicle for the publication of high-quality, cutting-edge work by junior and emerging scholars and international scholars working in the history of philosophy. I will do everything I can to see that it flourishes in that capacity. Of course, the journal will also continue to showcase the work of established scholars in the field, but I warmly welcome an increase in the volume of submissions for blind review by those scholars. Thoughtful and constructive critical review is the backbone of our practice; it keeps us honest, engaged, and responsible, as well as vibrant, diverse, and forward-thinking. Thanks to all of you authors, readers, reviewers, and subscribers on whose work we so depend.

Yours truly,
Jessica N. Berry [End Page 2]



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