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  • Editors’ Note
  • Karen Bourrier, Kristen Guest, Mary Elizabeth Leighton, Daniel Martin, Lisa Surridge, and Vanessa Warne

This issue of Victorian Review takes as its focus the fascinating career of Alfred Russel Wallace. Wallace (1823–1913) was a largely self-taught polymath and explorer who generated ideas in a range of areas, including evolutionary theory, physical geography, geology, politics, economics, philosophy, spiritualism, anti-vaccinationism, and anthropology. We are delighted to welcome Kathleen Lowrey, associate professor of anthropology (University of Alberta), and Robert W. Smith, professor of history (University of Alberta), as guest editors; this issue stems from the lecture series on Alfred Russel Wallace hosted by the University of Alberta in 2013.

This issue’s forum features scholars whose work contemplates nineteenth-century and post-Darwinian interpretations of evolution. From considering Darwin’s beard as “overt secondary sexual characteristic” (Shafe 24) to examining how lop-eared rabbits symbolized fanciers’ efforts to “improve” animals “by enhancing desired traits through selective breeding” (J. Smith 19), our forum contributors contemplate the ubiquity of Darwinian references in Victorian culture

This issue sees the first of many changes to the journal’s production and editorial team. It will be the last to feature the work of award-winning book designer Jason Dewinetz, who has worked with us as layout artist and designer since 2006. Since then, the look and feel of the journal, from its cover to its website design, have reflected his artistic vision and meticulously high standards. We thank him profoundly for his contributions to Victorian Review’s success.

We are thrilled to announce that, for its next issue and thenceforth, the journal will move in-house with the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Press. We look forward to working with the press and to the contributions of their expert staff.

Finally, we wish to announce the winner of the Editors’ Prize for the best essay published by Victorian Review in the 2014 year. Our congratulations to Ann-Marie Dunbar for her essay, “Making the Case: Detection and Confession in Lady Audley’s Secret and The Woman in White,” which appeared in the Spring 2014 issue. [End Page 7]



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