From theological and philosophical viewpoints living life can be described as a mystery, which intensifies when suffering or adversity unexpectedly strikes. The martyrs’ cry for justice in their suffering (Rev 6) sketches the typical situation of the mystery of theodicy. The penetrating question is not to dare giving a so-called “final” answer to this problem, but also not to shrink back as researcher to investigate the issue. The reality of human suffering has to be accepted. The sensitivity of the issue, narrated in the books of Job and Revelation, compels the researcher to be meticulously cautious and not to be too ambitious, particularly in drawing biblical and theological conclusions about God. After plotting different explanations to account for human suffering, the “why” question is theologically analysed. Coming to grips with the impact and hermeneutical functionality of divine mystery helps the researcher to get behind the mystery of divine theodicy. This is followed by the outcome of the research in the convergence of the function of divine mystery and theodicy in human suffering.


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