Restoring native vegetation to wetlands embedded in previously cultivated lands can be extremely costly. While many researchers have evaluated diverse methods intended to restore wetlands quickly and effectively, relatively few have reported the costs associated with each of their methods. Sharing information about the costs of different restoration methods may prove very useful, especially to practitioners attempting to select the most appropriate restoration methods to meet specific ecological and economic goals. In this case study, we installed three wetland vegetative restoration treatments in a single formerly cropped site: 1) native seed only; 2) native seed and native hay mulch; and 3) native seed, native hay mulch, and transplanted vegetation plugs. We tracked the expenses associated with each restoration method and were able to calculate the costs of implementation for each method. As expected, the cost of restoration per hectare increased with the intensity of restoration efforts. Installing native seed cost an estimated $1,909/ha, native seed and native hay mulch cost $2,288/ha, and native seed, native hay mulch, and transplanted vegetation plugs cost $5,072/ha. We will continue to monitor the developing wetland communities to determine which restoration method proves to be the most effective, both ecologically and economically, over the long term.


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