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Please note the following corrections to “ Phillip B. Zarrilli ” by Sunhee Kim in Asian Theatre Journal 33, no. 2 (Fall 2016): 446–458.

p. 446, paragraph 2, sentence 1 of article. Phillip Zarrilli was awarded recognition of his mastery of kalarippayattu in 1986.

p. 447, paragraph 2, sentence 1 of the article. Born in 1947 in Covington, Kentucky, he earned a BA in Philosophy and Religion at Ohio University, Athens, and was engaged in the 1960s in social and political activism in the United States.

p. 453, figure 3. Told by the Wind performed by Phillip Zarrilli and Jo Shapland. (Photo: Ace McCarron)

p. 454, figure 4. The 9 Fridas at Taipei Arts Festival. (Photo: Courtesy of Mobius Strip Theater)

p. 427, note 2. Zarrilli was a co-founder and not sole founder of the PhD in performance practice at University of Exeter. [End Page iv]



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