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  • ObituariesTan Dajiang 谭大江
  • Ute Engelhardt

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Tan Dajiang was a great teacher of Qigong, Wudang martial arts, Taijiquan, Inner Alchemy, and numerous Yangsheng exercises. Serving originally as a guardian of monument on Mt. Wudang, he learned numerous methods of the Wudang tradition from famous Daoist and martial arts masters.

Since 2010, he regularly visited Germany to teach qigong and Daoist methods for medical and qigong associations, participating in annual meetings and presenting important exercises from the Wudang tradition, inluding also the Yijin jing 易筋经.

Master Tan impressed not only as a very conscientious teacher with Confucian rigor and discipline, but also as a comprehensive scholar with great knowledge of history, Daoist methods, and cultural assets, even though he never attended university. Editor-in-chief of Wudang Magazine, he also authored numerous books on longevity and Daoist exercises and their historical, religious, and philosophical background. [End Page 213]