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  • London, and: Beink prektikell
  • Sophie Herxheimer


Not zo mainy Dais zinz ve arrivink.Zis grey iss like Bearlin, zis same grey Dayve hef. Zis norzern Vezzer, oont ze demp Street.A biet off Rain voant hurt, vill help ze Treezon zis Hempstet Heese vee see in Fekt.Vy shootd I mind zat?

I try viz ze Busses, Herr Kondooktor eskinkme … for vot? I don’t eckzectly remempber;Fess plees? To him, my Penny I hent ofa -He notdz viz a keint Smile - Fanks Luv!He sez. Oh! I em his Luff - turns Hentellon Machine, out kurls a Tikett.

Zis is ven I know zat here to settle iss OK. ZisCity vill be Home, verr eefen on ze Buss is Luff. [End Page 144]

Beink prektikell

Ven you hef to oursel to ze ferry Etjch; ze Sea -take viz you two Kitz unt two Grent Muzzers,like ezz eef you are no bikker zan a scuddinkClaut off Dust, as it flies off ze Brissell off a Broom -

zen yes, of korrs you sharpen efferi Messud off howto make ourself infizziple - you get zo gut at zat,you ken forkgett enny uzzer Vay - foldink into Korners,sayink Zilch, becomes ze vun ezzenschel Hebbit.

Ze rache-ink Ross aghentz zose Maus-foamink,Zeegar-smokink, sveggerink Sukgz oont Bullee-Boyzeis settisfeit - by plantink, in fresch nors London Urrs,efferi sinkle moddest Sink zat spells: Ve liff! Ve breez!

Efferi sin-skint noddink Frittillery, efferi veksi KepbejRose, each payell Eppel Blossom iss a Surfivor. [End Page 145]



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