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Reviewed by:
  • Pursued by Gary Urey
  • April Spisak
Urey, Gary Pursued. Whitman, 2017 [288p] (Secrets of the X-Point)
Trade ed. ISBN 978-0-8075-6684-8 $16.99
Paper ed. ISBN 978-0-8075-6686-2 $9.99
Reviewed from galleys Ad Gr. 5-7

Best friends Axel and Daisha are just starting to see each other as more than just friends, but there’s no time to explore that: they’re being relentlessly hunted for their teleportation devices—and for information about the project their scientist parents had been working on together before they were killed. The GeoPorts allow for instant transporting to whatever longitude and latitude coordinates one enters, and the thirteen-year-olds know it could be disastrous in the wrong hands. In this case, the wrong hands belong to Dr. Hatch, who will stop at nothing to get these devices and use them for a number of nefarious purposes. The chase scenes are gripping, with the kids zapping into parts unknown and knowing they have very little time before the pursuers pick up their trace again (and three whole days to evade them before the devices recharge enough to take them elsewhere). Unfortunately, the antagonist, oozing sleaze and tormented by a facial birthmark, is cartoonish in his villainy, and his portrayal jars with the realistic representations of the teens. In addition, the science is pretty darn murky, to a degree that readers may find themselves with too many questions to just go with the flow. Even with the concerns, young romance buffs may find this series opener to hold enough promise to see how these two find love while also eluding the bad guys.



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