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  • Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez
  • April Spisak
Alvarez, Lorena Nightlights; written and illus. by Lorena Alvarez. Nobrow, 2017 64p
ISBN 978-1-910620-13-7 $18.95
R* Gr. 3-5

In this creepy, sophisticated graphic novel, Sandy is a dreamy kid whose imagination opens her up to a sinister force that wants to prey on her creativity. From the start there’s something off about Morfie, whom Sandy meets at school and who seems to appreciate Sandy’s drawings. Indeed, Morfie is not actually a new student at Sandy’s Catholic school but something more eerie, and Sandy will need all of her wits to defeat this ominous figure. Anyone with a vivid fantasy life will likely read this book more than once, finding themselves in this girl who can fill endless hours with her own remarkable mind. The wordless full-bleed spreads that show her catching stars and turning them into vibrant, lush creatures that keep her company until she goes from wide-eyed to sleep are splendid, and the crash back to reality when a page turn returns her to a mundane, rushy morning will be keenly felt. The contrast between the sober colors of real life and the luminous saturation of the illustrations when Sandy makes her own universe is smart, helping younger readers spot the different perspectives. In addition, clever layouts invite lingering during the good parts and zipping through the stuff Sandy herself finds boring. Colombian illustrator Alvarez has achieved something special and unforgettable with her first authorial outing. [End Page 256]



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