New locality records are given for 10 species of butterflies from 10 islands and island groups (atolls) within the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). All the species recorded are widespread in the Pacific and in many cases farther afield. We report the first record of Badamia exclamationis from Kosrae (the second for the FSM) and the first record of Catopsilia pomona from Chuuk State. Danaus plexippus is intermittently distributed in the FSM but often observed where the introduced ornamental Calotropis gigantea is common. Hypolimnas bolina was one of the most frequently encountered species during this study. The extent of variation in coloration and pattern within local populations of H. bolina in the FSM and adjacent areas of Oceania suggests that use of sub-species names is probably unwarranted.


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