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35 ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF HIGHER EDUCATION 1980 ANNUAL MEETING MARCH 4-5, 1980 Washington Hilton Hotel Washington, D.C. Tuesday, March 4 REGISTRATION: 11 :00--5:00 p .m. KEYNOTE ADDRESS: 1:00— 2:15 p.m. "Government and Higher Education" Chair: Robert 0. Berdahl, SUNY at Buffalo Speaker: Carl Kaysen, Vice-President and Director of Research, The Sloan Commission on Government and Higher Education CONCURRENT SESSIONS I: 2:30— 4:00 p.m. A. RESEARCH AGENDA FOR HIGHER EDUCATION Open discussion and progress report of the ASHE committee on Research Agenda and Taxonomy. Chair: Robert C. Pace, University of California, Los Angeles B. GOALS FOR A STATE SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION: THE CASE OF TENNESSEE Chair: Cameron Fincher, University of Georgia Panel: Dave Morgan, Governor's Committee on Postsecondary Educa­ tion; Richard Dumont, Tennessee Technological University; Grady Bogue, Tennessee Higher Education Commission; Janice Fry, Volunteer State Community College C. RESEARCH ON LIBERAL EDUCATION; POTENTIAL TOPICS AND STRATEGIC CON­ SIDERATIONS Chair: H. Bradley Sagen, U.S. Military Academy Panel: Zelda Gamson, University of Michigan; Joseph Katz, SUNY at Stony Brook; Douglas Sloan, Teachers College, Columbia Uni­ versity D. IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF DECISIONMAKING IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSI­ TIES (Research Papers) Chair: James L. Bess, Teachers College, Columbia University George Ecker, The Ohio State University, "Faculty Work and Evalua­ tion in Colleges and Universities: Implications for Organizational Instability." Paul Lyons, Frostburg State College, "Behavioral Assessment of Ad­ ministrative Performance of Academic Department Chairpersons.” Suzanne E. Estler, University of Michigan, "Systematic Analysis and University Decision-Making: The Case of Sexual Equality." 36 E. AN ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS AFFECTING HIGHER EDUCATION (Research Papers) Chair: Kent Caruthers, NCHEMS Peter J. Kuch and David Mescher, USOE, "Money Market Conditions and the Availability of Guaranteed Student Loans." Barbara Guthrie-Morse and Larry L. Leslie, University of Arizona, "Assessing the Impact of Faculty Unions: The Financial Implications of Collective Bargaining." D. Anne Cavelier and Shiela Slaughter, Virginia Polytechnic Insti­ tute and State University, "An Analysis of Costs Incurred in Comply­ ing with Selected Federal Legislation at a Research University." John A. Gray, Loyola College, "Higher Education Litigation: Finan­ cial Exigency and Collective Bargaining." CONCURRENT SESSIONS II: 4:15— 5:45 p.m. A. USE OF ASHE AND AAHE MEETINGS IN FORMAL GRADUATE STUDY Co-Chairs: Arthur Chickering, Memphis State University William Toombs, Pennsylvania State University B. INSTITUTIONAL EVALUATION FOR PURPOSES OF INTERNAL ADMINISTRATION AND EXTERNAL ACCREDITATION Chair: Fred Harcleroad, University of Arizona Panel: Sara A. Bagby, American Home Economics Association; Kenneth Young, Council on Postsecondary Accreditation C. THE POLITICS AND POLITICAL CLIMATE OF HIGHER EDUCATION Chair: Jack Schuster, Claremont Graduate School Panel: David Breneman, The Brookings Institution; Lawrence E. Gladieux, College Entrance Examination Board; Martin A. Kramer, Carnegie Council on Policy Studies in Higher Education D. STUDENTS AND THEIR INSTITUTIONS (Research Papers) Chair: Jacqueline Powers Doud, University of La Verne Michael L. Tierney, The Pennsylvania State University, "Student College Choice Sets: Toward an Empirical Characterization." James William Henson, Higher Education Research Institute, "Test Score Decline and the Distribution of Student Quality: Institution­ al Differences 1973-1977." Jack Friedlander, University of California, Los Angeles, "The Impor­ tance of Quality of Effort in Predicting Student Attainment." Virginia David Nordin, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "The Con­ tract Theory of Student-University Relations." E. IDEAS AND SYMBOLS IN AMERICAN HIGHER EDUCATION (Research Paper) Chair: Kathryn M. Moore, The Pennsylvania State University John R. Scudder, Jr., Lynchburg College, "William James' Philosophy of Higher Education" 37 John R. Thelin, Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, "Guilt by Association: Symbols and Categories of In­ stitutional Prestige in Higher Education." Donald T. Williams, Jr., University of Washington, "Coordination and Efficiency: An Old Refrain." BUSINESS MEETING: 7:30— 8:30 p.m. PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: 8:30— 9:30 p.m. Speaker: Burton R. Clark, Yale University SOCIAL HOUR: 9:30— 11:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 5 REGISTRATION: 8:30— 11:00 a.m. CONCURRENT SESSIONS III: 9:00--10:30 a.m. A. PRESENTATIONS BY DISSERTATION AWARD WINNERS Presentations to be followed by a discussion of quality standards applicable to dissertations in higher education by award winners and members of the review committee. Review Committee: Robert Cope, University of Washington, Chair...


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