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REVIEW OF HIGHER EDUCATION Volume 14 TITLE AND AUTHOR INDEX Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Pages 1-134 Pages 135-292 Pages 292-428 Pages 429-536 Abstracts of Papers Presented at the ASHE Annual Meeting, November 2-5,1989, Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead, Atlanta, Geor­ gia, 273-284. "Academic Freedom in American Public Colleges and Universi­ ties," Charles M. Ambrose, 5-32. "Academic Work and Institutional Culture: Constructing Knowl­ edge," William G. Tierney, 199-216. "Achieving Distinction in an Uncertain Future," Jean Marie Prinvale, 281. Adelman, Clifford, "Using Transcripts to Validate Institutional Mission: The Role of the Community College in the Post­ secondary Experience of a Generation," 274. "Adult Life Roles: An Empirical Analysis of a Muti-faceted Approach to Adult Development," Julie Hughes and Steve Graham, 278. Altbach, Philip G., "Patterns in Higher Education Development: Toward the Year 2000," 293-315. Ambrose, Charles M., "Academic Freedom in American Public Colleges and Universities," 5-32. Anderson, Melissa S. and Karen Seashore Louis, "Institutional Control of Faculty Research: Issues Emerging in the Aca­ demic Environment," 274. Aper, Jeffrey P. and Dennis E. Hinkle, "A Study of the Develop­ ment of Student Assessment Policy in Virginia," 274. Arnold, David L., "Beyond Mentoring: A Rationale for the Study of Higher Education in Pre-Service Faculty Development Programs," 275. ________ , "A Discipline Sensitive Model of Textbook Selection Criteria in the Higher Education Faculty," 274-275. "Assessing Institutional Distinctiveness with 'Performance Doc­ trine' Construct," Philip Chamberlain, 276-277. "Assessing Student Attitudes Toward Cultural Diversity," Jon F. Wergin and Beverly B. Koerin, 283. 541 542 Summer 19 9 1 volume 14, No. 4 "Assessment andAccreditation in ProfessionalSchools/' Sarah M. Dinham and Linda M. Evans, 217-237. Bean, John P. (see Plascak-Craig, Faye D.) Bednash, Geraldine Polly, "Tenure Review Outcomes and Their Relationship to Open or Closed Tenure Review Systems," 275. Bentley, Richard and Robert T. Blackburn, "Changes in Academic Research Performance Over Time: A Study of Institutional Accumulative Advantage," 275. "Beyond Mentoring: A Rationale for the Study of Higher Educa­ tion in Pre-Service Faculty Development Programs", David L. Arnold, 275. Bieber, Jeffrey P. and Robert T. Blackburn, "Faculty Research Productivity 1972-1980: Development and Application of Constant Units of Measure," 276. Bimbaum, Larry J. (see Sagan, H. Bradley) Blackburn, Robert T. (see Bentley, Richard; Bieber, Jeffrey P.; Law­ rence, Janet H.) Boone, Jerry N., Sue Peterson, Daniel J. Poje, and Mel Scarlett, "University Autonomy: Perceived and Preferred Location of Authority," 135-153. Brazzell, Johnetta Cross, "Bricks without Straw: MissionarySponsored Black Higher Education in the Post-Emancipation Era," 276. "Bricks without Straw: Missionary-Sponsored Black Higher Edu­ cation in thePost-Emancipation Era," Johnetta Cross Brazzell, 276. Brittingham, Barbara E. and Thomas R. Pezzullo, "Fund Raising in Higher Education: WhatWeKnow,WhatWeNeed to Know," 276. Brown, Dennis F. (see Fairweather, James S.) Brown, Kenneth G. (see Leslie, Larry) Cameron, Kim S. (see Spencer, Melinda G.) "Career Paths of Graduates of Higher Education Doctoral Pro­ grams," Barbara K. Townsend and Stephen O. Mason, 63-81. Chaffee, Ellen Earle, "On Doing the Right Thing: ASHE Presiden­ tial Address," [on-going dialogue], 101-115. Chamberlain,Philip, "Assessing InstitutionalDistinctiveness with 'Performance Doctrine' Construct," 276-277. "Changes inAcademic Research Performance Over Time: AStudy of Institutional Accumulative Advantage," Richard Bentley and Robert T. Blackburn, 275. The Review of Higher Education 543 "Changes in Religious Orientation of Catholic Colleges: Presiden­ tial Explanations," Stephen J. Sweeny, 282-283. Chronister, Jay L. and Thomas C. M. Truesdell, "Exploring Faculty Issues and Institutional Planning for the Twenty-first Cen­ tury," 467-483. "College Tuition: Demand and Supply Determinants from 1960 to 1986," Michael B. Paulsen, 339-358. Coming of Age in New jersey: College and American Culture, Michael Moffatt, reviewed, 117-127. "Coordinating 'Marginal' Matters Central to State Interests: Uni­ versitySystem InvolvementinK-l2Education," AmiZusman, 284. "Decisions to Promote or Hire: The Case of University Adminis­ trative Appointments," Linda K. Johnsrud and Mary Ann D. Sagaria, 279. Deppe, MarilynJ., "The Impact ofRacial Diversityand Involvement on College Students' Social Concern Values," 277. Dickmann, Ellyn M. (see Lawrence, Janet H.) "Dimensions ofAcademic Program Quality," James S. Fairweather and Dennis F. Brown, 155-176. Dinham, Sarah M. and Linda M. Evans, "Assessment and Accredi­ tation in Professional Schools...


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