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List of Reviewers for 1992-93 Richard Alfred, The University of Michigan Philip Altbach, SUNY Buffalo Marilyn Amey, University of Kansas Helen Astin, UCLA Louis Attinasi, Loyola University of Chicago Ann Austin, Michigan State University Leonard Baird, University of Kentucky Karen Baker, West Virginia Graduate College Roger Baldwin, National Science Foundation Robert Barak, Iowa State Board of Regents Marcia Baxter Magolda, Miami University (Ohio) John Bean, Indiana University Estela Bensimon, The Pennsylvania State University Robert Berdahl, University of Maryland Trudy Bers, Oakton Community College Jeffery Bieber, University of Kentucky Robert Bimbaum, University of Maryland Robert Blackburn, University of Michigan Harland Bloland, University of Florida John Braxton, Vanderbilt University Johnetta Brazzell, Spelman College William Brazziel, University of Connecticut Paul Brinkman, University of Utah Dolores Burke, Duke University Beverly Cameron, University of Manitoba John Centra, Syracuse University Ellen Chaffee, Valley City State University Jay Chronister, University of Virginia Jeffrey Cinnamond, Gonzaga University Rosa Cintron Mary Jo Clark, San Juan College (NM) Shirley Clark, Oregon State System of Higher Education Darrel Clowes, Virginia Polytechnic University Arthur Cohen, UCLA Clifton Conrad, University of WisconsinMadison Joanne Cooper, University of Hawaii at Manoa John Creswell, University of NebraskaLincoln Patricia Cross, University of California, Berkeley Patricia Crosson, University of Massachusetts at Amherst David Dill, University of North CarolinaChapel Hill Sarah Dinham, University of Arizona Thomas Dyer, University of Georgia Corrina Ethington, University of IllinoisChicago James Fairweather, The Pennsylvania State University Kenneth Feldman, SUNY Stony Brook Jonathan Fife, The George Washington University Martin Finkelstein, Seton Hall University Carol Everly Floyd, Illinois Board of Regents Betsy Frank Zelda Gamson, University of Massachusetts-Boston Judy Gappa, Purdue University Mildred Garcia, Montclair State College Rodolfo Garcia Z., Michigan State University Judith Glazer, Long Island University Lester Goodchild, University of Denver Judy Diane Grace, Council for Advancement and Support of Education Patricia Gumport, Stanford University Judith Hackman, Yale University 332 1992-93 Reviewers W. Lee Hansen, University of Wisconsin William Harvey, North Carolina State University Elizabeth Hawthorne, Penn State Berks Campus James Hearn, University of Georgia Robert Hendrickson, The Pennsylvania State University Edward Hines, Illinois State University Don Hossler, Indiana University Sylvia Hurtado, University of Michigan Bruce Anthony Jones, University of Pittsburgh Samuel Kellams, University of Virginia George Keller, University of Pennsylvania Kenneth Kempner, University of Oregon Patricia King, Bowling Green State University Mary Kinnick, Portland State University Marsha Krotseng, West Virginia State System George Kuh, Indiana University Janet Lawrence, University of Michigan Dan Layzell, University of Wisconsin System Barbara Lee, Rutgers University David Leslie, Florida State University Arthur Levine, Harvard University Yvonna Lincoln, Texas A&M University Bruce Loessin, University of Pittsburgh Malcolm Lowther, University of Michigan Laurence Marcus, New Jersey Department of Higher Education Anne Marie McCartan, Virginia Community College System Wilbert McKeachie, University of Michigan Marcia Mentkowski, Alvemo College Anthony Morgan, University of Utah Kathryn Moore, Michigan State University James Morrison, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Patricia Murrell, Memphis State University John Neal, Webster University Michael Nettles, University of Michigan Anna Neumann, Michigan State University L. Jackson Newell, University of Utah Amaury Nora, University of IllinoisChicago Michael Olivas, University of Houston Steven Olswang, University of Washington Ronald Opp, Texas Tech University Mark Oromaner, Hudson Community College J. Thomas Owens, University of Central Oklahoma Ernest Pascarella, University of lllinoisChicago Marvin Peterson, University of Michigan Christine Phelps, Eastern Michigan University Gary Pike, University of MissouriColumbia Paul Pintrich, University of Michigan James Ratcliff, The Pennsylvania State University Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona Laura Richlin, University of Pittsburgh Jack Rossmann, MacAlester College Mary Ann Sagaria, Ohio State University H. Bradley Sagen, University of Iowa Jack Schuster, Claremont Graduate School Jannah Scott Kathleen Shaw John Smart, Memphis State University Daryl Smith, Claremont Graduate School Francis Stage, Indiana University Patrick Terenzini, The Pennsylvania State University John Thelin, Indiana University Carolyn Thompson, SUNY Buffalo William Tierney, The Pennsylvania State University Vincent Tinto, Syracuse University Barbara Townsend, Memphis State University Lois Trautvetter, Northwestern University Susan Twombly, University of Kansas James Valadez, North Carolina State University J. Fredericks Volkwein, SUNY Albany James Wattenberger, University of Florida 1992-93 Reviewers 333 David Webster, Oklahoma State University Harold Wechsler, University of Rochester John Weidman. University of Pittsburgh Steven Weiland, Michigan State University Richard Wertz, University of South Carolina Elizabeth Whitt, Iowa...


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