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  • From the Editor
  • Steven Franks, Editor-in-Chief

This issue of JSL, which completes volume 24, includes four stimulating articles about diverse Slavic-linguistic topics, as well as three very useful reviews of recent books likely to be of interest to our readers. It also contains two In Memoriam pieces, marking the sad passing of our venerated colleagues Dean Worth of UCLA and Charles Gribble of Ohio State. Both of these individuals played major roles in strengthening our discipline in the United States. Their impact as scholars and their personal dedication as editors and publishers have been inestimable.

The Slavic Linguistics Society continues to prosper. SLS 11, held in Toronto this past September, was a great success, and we look forward with excitement to next year’s meeting in Ljubljana, to take place 21–24 September 2017. Beyond that, the 2018 meeting is already being planned for Vancouver, and the Executive Board has tentatively approved Potsdam to be the host the following year. Also at this year’s meeting, two new Executive Board members were elected, Motoki Nomachi and Rosemarie Connolly, to replace outgoing members Anton Zimmerling and Bojan Belić. Additionally, the members of the board chose Joseph Schallert to serve as the board’s chair for 2016–17, replacing Anton. Please join me in congratulating Joe, in thanking Anton and Bojan for their service, and in welcoming Motoki and Rosie. Also noteworthy from SLS 11 was the first Charles E. Townsend Memorial Award, which went to Roman Ronko (Institute for Modern Linguistic Research, Sholohov University), for his paper “Pseudoincorporation analysis of objects in Old Russian and modern North Russian Dialects”, presented at the Heidelberg meeting in 2015.

Turning to journal news, please welcome Neil Bermel of the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Sheffield as a new Associate Editor. I also wish to express my personal gratitude to Stephen Dickey for his six years of service in that capacity. Stephen is, however, not severing his connections to JSL; indeed, he has been busy spearheading the silver anniversary volume, slated to appear at the end of next year as issue 25.2. I remain very grateful to Rosemarie Connolly for her continuing diligence as Managing Editor, a position which assumes primary responsibility for almost all stages of the editorial and production process. When I step down as Editor-in-Chief— something I plan to do in the next few years—whoever takes over the position will find the job made much easier by Rosie’s experience. [End Page 261]

I thank the continuing Associ ate Editors—Christina Bethin, Wayles Browne, Barbara Citko, Uwe Junghanns, Roumyana Pancheva, and Catherine Rudin—for their unflagging efforts in ensuring the regular appearance of superior articles and reviews in the pages of JSL. Finally, we are all indebted to the following scholars for providing conscientious and timely reviews over the past two years:

  • Anna Aalstein

  • Andrei Antonenko

  • Peter Arkadiev

  • Tilman Berger

  • Petr Biskup

  • Joanna Błaszczak

  • Susan C. Bobb

  • Anna Bondaruk

  • Olga Borik

  • Željko Bošković

  • Wayles Browne

  • Lisa Bylinina

  • Anna Chrabaszcz

  • Bridget Copley

  • Greville Corbett

  • Annalisa Czeczulin

  • Stuart Davis

  • Stephen Dickey

  • Mila Dimitrova-Vulchanova

  • Mojmír Dočekal

  • Irina Y. Dubinina

  • Katarzyna Dziwirek

  • Ronald Feldstein

  • Hana Filip

  • George Fowler

  • Ljudmila Geist

  • Frank Y. Gladney

  • Maria Gouskova

  • T. A. Hall

  • Tania Ionin

  • Alina Israeli

  • Laura Janda

  • Jay Jasanoff

  • Jaap Kaamphius

  • Olga Kagan

  • Dalina Kallulli

  • Iliyana Kraopva

  • Susan Kresin

  • Julia Kuznetsova

  • Keith Langston

  • Ania Lubowicz

  • Grant Lundberg

  • Marek Majer

  • Anastasia Makarova

  • Vita Markman

  • Lanko Marušič

  • Marjorie McShane

  • Jason Merchant

  • Roland Meyer

  • Milan Mihaljević

  • Gabriela Múcsková

  • Tore Nesset

  • Anita Peti-Stantić

  • Tadeusz Piotrowski

  • Maria Polinsky

  • Christopher Potts

  • Gil Rappaport

  • Zygmunt Saloni

  • Florian Schäfer

  • Maria Shardakova

  • Vesele Simeonova

  • Andrea Sims

  • Danko Spika

  • Barbara Sonnenhauser

  • Mateusz Stanojević

  • Artur Stepanov

  • Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva

  • Sergei Tatevosov

  • Ivelina Tchizmarova

  • Yakov G. Testelec

  • Egor Tsedryk

  • Mila Vulchanova [End Page 262]

  • Bartosz Wiland

  • Jacek Witkoś

  • Olga Yokoyama

  • Rok Žaucer

  • Hedzer Hugo Zeijlstra

  • Ilse Zimmermann

It takes more than a village to raise a journal: it takes an international consortium of dedicated experts. Without your hard work, JSL simply would not exist. [End Page 263]



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