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This Thing Called the World: The Contemporary Novel as Global Form. By Debjani Ganguly. Durham, NC: Duke Univ. Press, 2016. 300 pp. $94.95 (cloth); $26.95 (paper).
Keywords for Southern Studies. Edited by Scott Romin and Jennifer Rae Greeson. Athens: Univ. of Georgia Press, 2016. 336 pp. $89.95 (cloth); $32.95 (paper).
The Letters of Samuel Beckett: Volume IV, 1966–1989. Edited by George Craig, Martha Dow Fehsenfeld, Dan Gunn, and Lois More Overbeck. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2016. 838 pp. $49.99 (cloth).
Designed Words for a Designed World: The International Concrete Poetry Movement, 1955–1971. By Jamie Hilder. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s Univ. Press, 2016. 296 pp. $110 (cloth); $37.95 (paper).
Arresting Development: Comics at the Boundaries of Literature. By Christopher Pizzino. Austin: Univ. of Texas Press, 2016. 248 pp. $90 (cloth); $29.95 (paper and ebook).
Imagining Kashmir: Emplotment and Colonialism. By Patrick Colm Hogan. Lincoln: Univ. of Nebraska Press, 1016. 294 pp. $60 (cloth).
Hope Draped in Black: Race, Melancholy, and the Agony of Progress. By Joseph R. Winters. Durham, NC: Duke Univ. Press, 2016. 304 pp. $94.95 (cloth); $25.95 (paper).
Living Cargo: How Black Britain Performs its Past. By Steven Blevins. Minneapolis: Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2016. 360 pp. $105 (cloth); $30 (paper).
Biocultural Creatures: Toward a New Theory of the Human. By Samantha Frost. Durham, NC: Duke Univ. Press, 2016. 203 pp. $79.95 (cloth); $22.95 (paper).
Didactic Poetries. By Philippe Beck. Minneapolis: Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2016. 150 pp. $24.95 (paper). [End Page 635]


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