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  • Index — Volume 36, 2016
Cohen, Patricia Cline. On Integrating the History of Women into the Narrative of the Early Republic: A Forty-Year Perspective 327
Conn, Steven. “Political Romanism”: Re-evaluating American Anti-Catholicism in the Age of Italian Revolution 521
Daggar, Lori J. The Mission Complex: Economic Development, “Civilization,” and Empire in the Early Republic 467
Earle, Thomas Blake. For Cod and Country: Cod Fishermen and the Atlantic Dimensions of Sectionalism in Antebellum America 493
Fabian, Ann. The Long Life of William Blanding: Doctor, Apothecary, Naturalist (SHEAR Presidential Address) 5
Ginzberg, Lori D. Mainstreams and Cutting Edges 319
Hartigan-O’Connor, Ellen. Gender’s Value in the History of Capitalism 613
Hartigan-O’Connor, Ellen. The Personal Is Political Economy 335
Herschthal, Eric. Slaves, Spaniards, and Subversion in Early Louisiana: The Persistent Fears of Black Revolt and Spanish Collusion in Territorial Louisiana, 1803–1812 283
Janse, Maartje.”Anti Societies Are Now All the Rage”: Jokes, Criticism and Violence in Response to the Transformation of American Reform, 1825–1835 247
Johnson, Ann. STEM in the EAR 1
Jones, T. Cole. “The Dreadful Effects of British Cruilty”: The Treatment of British Maritime Prisoners and the Radicalization of the Revolutionary War at Sea 435
Lasser, Carol. Introduction: Politics in and of Women’s History in the Early American Republic 313
Luskey, Brian P. Houses Divided: The Cultural Economy of Emancipation in the Civil War North 637
Matson, Cathy. Economic History at a Crossroads: Reconsidering Methods, Spaces, and Peoples 601
McDonald, Michelle Craig. There Are Still Atlanticists Now: A Subfield Reborn 701
Mihm, Stephen. Follow the Money: The Return of Finance in the Early Republic 783
Morgan, Jennifer L. Periodization Problems: Race and Gender in the History of the Early Republic 351
Norwood, Dael A. What Counts?: Political Economy, or Ways to Make Early America Add Up 753
Pawley, Emily. The Point of Perfection: Cattle Portraiture, Bloodlines, and the Meaning of Breeding, 1760–1860 37
Pompeian, Edward P. Mind the Global U-Turn: Reorienting Early American History in a Global and Commercial Context 715
Pryor, Elizabeth Stordeur. The Etymology of Nigger: Resistance, Language, and the Politics of Freedom in the Antebellum North 203
Rosenthal, Caitlin. Seeking a Quantitative Middle Ground: Reflections on Methods and Opportunities in Economic History 659
Skeehan, Danielle. Texts and Textiles: Commercial Poetics and Material Economies in the Early Atlantic 681
Smith, Robert W. The Foreign Intercourse Bill of 1798 and the Debate over Early American Foreign Relations 125
Stanley, Amy Dru. Histories of Capitalism and Sex Difference 343
Valencius, Conevery Bolton; Spanagel, David I.; Pawley, Emily; Gronim, Sara Sidstone; and Lucier, Paul. Science in Early America: Print Culture and the Sciences of Territoriality 73
Grasso, Christopher. The Religious and the Secular in the Early American Republic 359
Howe, Daniel Walker. The Significance of the Frontier in American History 389
Rood, Dan. Beckert Is Liverpool, Baptist Is New Orleans:Geography Returns to the History of Capitalism 151
Tiro, Karim M. New Narratives of the Conquest of the Ohio Country 549
Weiner, Greg. “James Madison Problems”: Three New Works 805
Amestoy, Slavish Shore: The Odyssey of Richard Henry Dana Jr. (Brian Rouleau) 843
Blanck, Tyrannicide: Forging an American Law of Slavery in Revolutionary South Carolina and Massachusetts (James J. Gigantino II) 405
Bulthuis, Four Steeples over the City Streets: Religion and Society in New York’s Early Republic Congregations (Jonathan D. Sassi) 579
Carden, Freedom’s Delay: America’s Struggle for Emancipation, 1776–1865 (Michael D. Robinson) 197
Castronovo, Propaganda 1776: Secrets, Leaks, and Revolutionary Communications in Early America (William B. Warner) 175
Chaffin, Met His Every Goal? James K. Polk and the Legends of Manifest Destiny (John C. Pinheiro) 596
Den Hartog, Patriotism and Piety: Federalist Politics and Religious Struggle in the New American Nation (Benjamin E. Park) 402
Dierksheide, Amelioration and Empire: Progress and Slavery in the Plantation Americas (Douglas R. Egerton) 407
Downey, The Creole Affair: The Slave Rebellion That Led the U.S. and Great Britain to the Brink of War (Michael Schoeppner) 423
Dunn, A Tale of Two Plantations: Slave Life and Labor in Jamaica and Virginia (John S. Blanton) 410
Edling, A Hercules in the Cradle: War, Money...


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