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Almeida, Joselyn M., Conquerors, Congresses and ‘The Debt of Nations’ in Byron’s The Age of Bronze (1823)    109

Gayle, N.E., Byron, the Matchless Lily and Aurora     15

Harris, Kirsty J., ‘My Soul Is Changed’: Pirate Identity and Shifting Power in Byron’s Corsair     53

Lessenich, Rolf P., Byron: The Sanity or Madness of Same-Sex Love     139

Morrison, Robert, English Bards and Scotch Biography: John Galt’s Life of Lord Byron    27

Ożarska, Magdalena, Łucja Rautenstrauchowa: A Polish Admirer of Lord Byron    151

Paterson-Morgan, Emily, ‘This All Blasting Tree’: Byron, Thalaba and the Upas Tree Myth    41

Pomarè, Carla, ‘I am now an Italoquist’: Byron’s Correspondence in Italian    97

Shears, Jonathan, Editorial    v

Sourgen, Gavin, ‘In a Manner that Is My Aversion’: Byron’s Objections to Romantic Blank Verse    1

Stabler, Jane, A note on the text of Manfred    163

Westwood, Daniel, ‘Living in shattered guise’: Doubling in Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Canto III    125


McColl, Robert, Peter Cochran: Memorial, Clare College, Cambridge, 10 October 2015    69


Alec-Smith, Alex, Report from the Salesrooms    191

Francev, Peter, Byron and the Regency, Bath, 3–4 December 2015    71

Hunt, Sam, Byron and the Summer of 1816, 11th International Student Byron Conference, Messolonghi, 23–28 May 2016    171

Suret, Emma and Allan, Shona M., ‘Byronic Monstrosities: From Vampires to Supermen’ Newstead Abbey, 30 April 2016    167

Woodhouse, David, ‘Life, Loves and Other Climatic Disorders’, 42nd International Byron Conference, Paris, 4–7 July 2016 [Alpine excursion, 8–10 July 2016]    177 [End Page 205]


Carroll, Siobhan, An Empire of Air and Water: Uncolonizable Space in the British Imagination (Catherine Redford)    82

Cohen-Vrignaud, Gerard, Radical Orientalism: Rights, Reform, and Romanticism and Andrew Warren, The Orient and the Young Romantics (Andrew Rudd)    183

O’Connell, Mary, Byron and John Murray: A Poet and his Publisher (Anna Camilleri)    77

Higgins, David, Romantic Englishness: Local, National and Global Selves (Robin Jarvis)    85

Laniel-Musitelli, Sophie and Thomas Constantinesco, ed., Romanticism and Philosophy: Thinking with Literature (Anthony Howe)    187

Pielak, Chase, Memorializing Animals during the Romantic Period (Christine Kenyon Jones)    79

Rohrbach, Emily, Modernity’s Mist: British Romanticism and the Poetics of Anticipation (Thomas Knowles)    185

Tuite, Clara, Lord Byron and Scandalous Celebrity (Tom Mole)    75

Letter to the Editor

McClay, David    67 [End Page 206]



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