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  • Index to American Quarterly, Volume 68, March 2016 to December 2016

August, Timothy K., What’s Eating Asian American Studies? Authenticity, Ethnicity, and Cuisine (Book Review) 193

Briggs. Laura, Central American Child Migration: Militarization and Tourism 573

Bross, Kristina, Portable Pedagogy: Neighborhood Archives through Graduate Service Learning 397

Buchanan, Andrew, “I Felt like a Tourist instead of a Soldier”: The Occupying Gaze—War and Tourism in Italy, 1943–1945 593

Castro, Jewel, Artist Statement 523

Cebul, Brent, The National Museum of American History’s American Enterprise Exhibit and the Value of Structurally Sound History (Event Review) 1061

Cohen, Michael Mark, and Grace Wang, Teaching the Introduction to American Studies Course: A Dialogue 347

Cooks, Bridget R. and Graham Eng-Wilmot, Sound of the Break: Jazz and the Failures of Emancipation 315

Correia, David, Creating Public Scholars: A Collaborative Project on Environmental and Economic Justice Activism and Scholarship 401

Coulthard, Glen and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Grounded Normativity / Place-Based Solidarity 249

DeLisle, Christine Taitano, Destination Chamorro Culture: Notes on Realignment, Rebranding, and Post-9/11 Militourism in Guam 563

Dobbs, Cynthia, Mapping Black Movement, Containing Black Laughter: Ralph Ellison’s New York Essays 907

Enloe, Cynthia, Ticonderoga, Gettysburg, and Hiroshima: Feminist Reflections on Becoming a Militarized Tourist 529

Erzen, Tanya, The Broom Closet: Pedagogy in and of the Prison 355

Folsom, Raphael, Adventure, Violence, and Knowledge in Early American Borderlands (Book Review) 803

Fraser, Gordon, Emancipatory Cosmology: Freedom’s Journal, The Rights of All, and the Revolutionary Movements of Black Print Culture 263

Ginoza. Ayano, R&R at the Intersection of US and Japanese Dual Empire: Okinawan Women and Decolonizing Militarized Heterosexuality 583

Gonzalez, Vernadette Vicuña and Jana K. Lipman, Tours of Duty and Tours of Leisure 507

Gonzalez, Vernadette Vicuña, Jana K. Lipman, and Teresia Teaiwa, Forum Introduction 527 [End Page 1115]

Guess, Allison M., Mistinguette Smith, and Eve Tuck, Reaching to Offer, Reaching to Accept: Collaboration and Cotheorizing 409

Guidotti-Hernández, Nicole M., Borderlands Scholarship for the Twenty-First Century (Book Review) 487

Harkins, Gillian, and Erica R. Meiners, Teaching Publics in the American Penalscape 405

Hill, Rebecca, What Is This Thing Called Interdisciplinarity? Teaching Interdisciplinary Methods Courses in American Studies 361

Hori, Julia Michiko, Berthing Violent Nostalgia: Restored Slave Ports and the Royal Caribbean Historic Falmouth Cruise Terminal 669

HoSang, Daniel Martinez and Joseph Lowndes, “Parasites of Government”: Racial Antistatism and Representations of Public Employees amid the Great Recession 931

Hughes, Charles, “Get in Formation”: Recent Scholarship on Popular Music and American Identities (Book Review) 1033

Johnson, Bob, Energy Slaves: Carbon Technologies, Climate Change, and the Stratified History of the Fossil Economy 955

Jung, Moon-Ho, Solidarity, Liberalism, History 257

Kelly, Jennifer Lynn, Asymmetrical Itineraries: Militarism, Tourism, and Solidarity in Occupied Palestine 723

Kim, Min-Jung, The Vexed Location of Teaching American Studies in South Korea 371

Kina, Ikue, Subaltern Knowledge and Transntaional American Studies: Postwar Japan and Okinawa under US Rule (Book Review) 443

Kindig, Jessie, Contestation and Counter-conduct in the Imperial Pacific (Book Review) 177

Lentz-Smith, Adriane, Passports to Adventure: African Americans and the US Security Project 537

Lindsey, Rachel McBride, “The Mirror of All Perfection”: Jesus and the Strongman in America, 1893–1920 23

Lisle, Debbie, Off-Duty Resilience: Reorienting Tourism, Leisure and Recreation in the US Army BOSS Program 747

Lomawaima, K. Tsianina, Indigenous Studies (Book Review) 149

Lowe, Lisa, New Worlds “Discover” Asia (Event Review) 413

Lubin, Alex, American Studies, the Middle East, and the Question of Palestine 1

Matthews, Scott L., The Alan Lomax Archive (Digital Projects Review) 429

Mei-Singh, Laurel, Carceral Conservationism: Contested Landscapes and Technologies of Dispossession at Ka‘ena Point, Hawai‘i 695 [End Page 1116]

Melamed, Jodi, Being Together Subversively, Outside in the University of Hegemonic Affirmation and Repressive Violence, as Things Heat Up (Again) (Book Review) 981

Melish, Joanne Pope, Public History and American Studies Pedagogy 367

Nelson, Robert K., Digital Humanities as Appendix (Digital Projects Review) 131

Nereson, Ariel, Hamilton’s America: An Unfinished Symphony with a Stutter (Beat) (Event Review) 1045

Nesbit, Scott and Stephen Berry, Introducing Digital Projects Review 125

Nguyen, Mimi Thi, What to Do About Looking (Book Review) 835

Owens, Christina, and Abigail Boggs, The Global...


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