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'.BOOKS RE:OEIVED Christendom Publications: Defending the Papacy by Gerard Morrissey. Pp. 96; no price given. Splendor of the Faith by Rev. Anton Morgenroth, C.Ss.P. Pp. 206; $7.95. Crossroads: The Eucharist Yesterday and Today by M. Basil Pennington. Pp. 140; $10.95. Dino-Editori S.P.A.; Giustizia e Societa by Luigi Bagolini. Pp. 280; no price given. Editions Universitaires Fribourg Suisse: Paradigmes de Theologie Philosophique edited by Otfried Roffe and Ruedi Imbach. Pp. 220; no price given. Fortress Press: A Catholic Vision by Stephen Happel and David Tracy. Pp. 196; no price given. Meanings: The Bible as Document and as Guide by Krister Stendahl. Pp. 256; $14.95. Fraser Institute: Focus on Economics and the Canadian Bishops by Walter Block. Focus Series, Vol. 3. Pp. 76; no price given. Michael Glazier: The Holy Spirit by J, Patout Burns, S.J., and Gerald M. Fagin, S.J. Message of the Fathers of the Church, Vol. 3. Pp. 240; $12.95 cloth, $8.95 paper. Preaching The Word by Thomas K. Carroll. Message of the Fathers of the Church, Vol. 11. Pp. 222; $12.95 cloth, $8.95 paper. Georgetown University Press: Authority in Morals: An Essay in Christian Ethics by Gerard J. Hughes, S.J. Pp. 136; no price given. The Catholic Bishops and Nuclear War: A Critique and Analysis of the Pastoral The Challenge of Peace edited by Judith A. Dwyer, S.S.J. Pp. 107; no price given. Harper & Row: Fighting With Gandhi: A Step-by-Step Strategy For Resolving Everyda.y Conflicts by Mark Juergensmeyer. Pp. 192; $12.95. The Spirit of Solidarity by Jozef Tischner and translated by Marek B. Zaleski, M.D. and Benjamin Fiore, S.J. Pp. 144; $10.95. Hackett Publishing Co.: A Study of Spinoza's Ethics by Jonathan Bennett . Pp. 408; $25.00 cloth, $13.75 paper. Ignatius Press: Out of .Justice, Peace, Pastoral Letters of West German and French Bishops edited by James V. Schall, S.J. Pp. 124; $3.95 + $1.50 postage. Indiana University Press: God, Guilt, and Death: An Existential Phenomenology of Religion by Merold Westphal. Pp. 305; $27.50 ($34.38 outside U.S. & Canada). 50~ BOOKS RECEIVED 503 Mariel Publications: I-Man: .An Outline of Philosophical .Anthropology by Mieczylaw A. Krapiec, 0.P., and translated by Marie Lescoe, Andrew Woznicki, Theresa Sandok et al. Pp. 502; no price given. Marquette University Press: Should War Be Elimina.ted? Philosophical and Theological Investigations by Stanley Hauerwas. 1984 Pere Marquette Theology Lecture. Pp. 74; no price given. University of Massachusetts Press: The Philosophy of Vegetarianism by Daniel A. Dombrowski. Pp. 192; $20.00 cloth, $9.95 paper. Notre Dame Press: Faith and Rationality edited by Alvin Plantinga and Nicholas Wolterstorff. Pp. 336; $22.95 cloth, $11.95 paper. From .Aristotle to Darwin and Back .Again: .A ,7ourney in Final Causality; Species and Evolution by Etienne Gilson and translated by John Lyon. Pp. 240; $22.95. Oxford University Press: Selective Nontreatment of Handicapped Newborns by Robert Wcir. Pp. 292; $27.95. Paulist Press: What Are They Saying About the Grace of Christ? by Brian 0. McDermott, S.J. Pp. 80; $3.95. Pope John Paul II Bioethics Center: Perspectives in Bioethics by Ronald D. Lawler and William E. May and edited by Francis J. Lescoe and David Q. Liptak. Pope John II Lecture Series in Bioethics, Vol. I. Pp. 66; $3.75. University of Santo Tomas: .Asian Religious Traditions and Christianity edited by Fausto Gomez, O.P. Thomasian Forum, Vol. 2. Pp. 272; no price given. State University of New York Press: Omnipotence and Other Theological Mistakes by Charles Hartshorne. Pp. 145; no price given. University Press of America: The Georgetown Symposium on EthicsEssays in Honor of Henry Babcock Veatch edited by Rocco Porreco . Pp. 316; $25.75 cloth, $13.75 paper. Philosophy's Place in Culture-A Model by Mark D. Morelli. Pp. 154; $20.75 cloth, $10.50 paper. Searching for Cultural Foundations edited by Philip McShane. Pp. 224; $21.50 cloth, $11.25 paper. Theology and Technology; Essays in Christian .Analysis and Exegesis edited by Carl Mitcham and Jim Grote. Pp. 534; $32.50 cloth, $19.25 paper. Wilfred Laurier University Press: Luther And...


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